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One of the best films ever made on the subject. Now it is forever uncensorable on the block chain. Thank you @CorbettReport not only for making this but for uploading it to a platform that the powers that should not be can't remove.

I have sent this video a minimum of 100 times over the years to people to at least start to understand the controversy of the day.


All buildings were pulled with a nuclear impuls detonated at 80m below surface.


You're a fan of James? Welllllll I think I might have to figure this witness voting thing out and go vote for you!

Lots of questions, sadly very few answers...

Para las personas que no entienden ingles, aqui la version en español !!/v/cryptonauta/9cjiveoz

Buena informacion, saludos

Porsche did 9/11

Everything in life is a theory of conspiracy! ;)

an infamous day

Thanks for posting. This is becoming a classic video now for long term Corbett followers.

This is absolutely the best Video on 9/11 and it's only a few minutes!!! Masterly!!!

Every Single year , I posted in my social media. Very glad to see it on D tube. And of course resteemed it!

James Corbett, my favorite!. Please be sure to repost everything you do here James so we can upvote & re$teem them. We'll get you a few bucks each time! You'll do very well here on $ be sure to check out my origonal content on my cuannel! Thank you sir.

This one is a classic. Even with what I knew about September 11th, there were things in that video I hadn't previously been aware of.

HAHAAAAA! Such a classic. Been sharing this around for years. Love you so much CORBETT!!!

The hint of snark really makes this video awesome beyond the truth bombs.

I had not see this video before, I have seen a lot of videos on 911, but not of the stuff covered here.

Great that this is on DTube. However,, understanding the shadow government and how it operates is important, and Kevin Shipp, a CIA whistleblower, helps shed some light on the subject.!/v/tgheretic/l47bbzcs Check it out! Part 1 of 3

I am glad to see you on Steemit, again.

You don't have to go any further than this. I don't know exactly how it went down, but the official story is ridiculous enough for me to realize that the US government either orchestrated the attacks or allowed them to happen.


Gday Guys,
I am actively seeking your support on the following two posts:

Please note that I feel they contain relevant "thoughts" inline with freedom and liberty and I am asking on the basis of the posts merit (not begging for votes); should you read and decide they have none, or have no time, I completely understand. However I will try again (unless you tell me to rack off of course). My goal is to develop these ideas and a strong argument (and a community), in support of freedom.

I have been watching james' content for years.

Thanks for your time.

i feel that thank for the remind

Seems legit.

It was an inside job no matter how you look at it!! America fucked up big time on this one :/ Prayers go out to all affected by this tragic incident after all these years

The narrative of this transcript is made so lightly, funny, which makes it even more compelling. This should be shown at schools... Wishful thinking, I know.
You can be sure James, I've shown this to loads of people in the last 5 years and I will keep pushing it to anyone who does or doesn't want to know the truth.
Keep on investigating, we need people like you!

@corbettreport Masses of knowledge. Many thanks..

Definitely the go to video for 911 truth.


Would love to resteem but I don't see an option on these earlier posts.

Clear and simple as always. Thank you for your time effort and hard work.

Beautiful summery for one of the biggest conspiracies in the USA's history! I love questioning conspiracies as much as they love questioning. It's all part of understanding what's going on and being skeptical on what is being said. Not only is it fun, it's intriguing to learning how theories like this are developed and spread like wildfire.

The right money count on this video should be something like $9 trillion ;)