Positive Propaganda? - #PropagandaWatch

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Corbett Report community member HomeRemedySupply points out a relative rarity: an example of genuinely helpful, positive propaganda. Celebrity-laden propaganda, no less. So it is a step forward to go beyond the "cure cancer cult" and actually address root causes, but what are the deeper implications of positive propaganda? Can we fight fire with fire?

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The propaganda is the "harm", not necesarily the message. Any time a person is manipulated without knowledge and consent is a violation. These violations are on a spectrum of severity. On a side note, why doesnt 3m and Dupont get the same attention Monsanto does? Together, they have tainted the worlds blood supply. Every single person has their product in their bloodstream without knowledge or consent.

I totally think positive propaganda has it's place. In a world where the media controls so many minds we can not access more innocent brainwashed people than through this median. For those the are still plugged into the media it could be a good thing to encourage them. The question is it will probably be censored, deleted and turned into evil but the opposing propaganda but it will reach a few and get us closer to that hundredth monkey and a better humanity so thats a bonus surely? 💯🐒