People-Powered Solutions to Start the New Year - #NewWorldNextWeek

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Vermont Poised to Enact Legal Pot Through Legislature

Paraguay Legalizes Marijuana for Medicinal, Scientific Use

Story #2: Kraft/Heinz Net Income Fell 24 Percent

Story #3: DIY Powerwalls Using Recycled Laptop Batteries Powering Homes

The Brain Chip Cometh

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Growing New Ways To Win

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I'm always happy when I see a newsworldnextweek.
They are very informative and also have some humor:)
Btw: there are big changes about marijuana in switzerland too if you like to cover that.
They legalized cannabis with less than 1% thc but with a lot of cbd. That was over a year ago though. What's your opinion on cbd? Anything good or bad?


CBD helps me a lot against my back pain (slipped disk) I put a salve on my back and it start reducing the pain localy


Oh and by the way. Is James Evan Pilato on steemit too?
I'd really like to follow him.
His morningshows are also very well made and I really like his concept of goodnewsnextweek. Talking about positive changes of the world is great. It always cheers me up:)

I have almost left youtube forever thank you James for posting you're work on steemit now it's great watching you on a site that allows you're great work to support you directly free of advertising and donations .

Already this year i have swapped to getting a food box from my local shop who is connected to local farms and bakers. I have also just become involved in the steemit community.

I have been following along for a while, love your content. Thanks for all the hard work through the years!

Well, I do not agree with your characterization of Elon Musk as a scamster. Many years ago on the phone he talked me out of starting a project using his technology because ROI wasn't there yet. As for building a power wall cheaper than a manufacturer can do it, is easy to explain. As a DIY project you do not deal with liability insurance, warranty returns, labor, etc. As the owner of such a project you assume all the risks yourself; bummer when your house burns to the ground and the insurance company won't pay saying the power wall was the issue; a tactic I can almost guarantee they will employ to avoid having to pay until the technology becomes mainstream. Greetings!

Thank god for honesty and integrity of independent news.

@corbettreport Thank you for the valuable info! It's time cannabis got fully illegalized, I mean the herb can save lives and the economy as well given its numerous industrial uses.

Recycled laptop batteries powering homes is the news of the day from my humble point of view! We need an energy revolution asap! Oil industries are killing the planet for profit and multibillionaires are doing their best to suppress green technologies until the last drop of oil is sold in barrels. Just like they did to Tesla. We need to free ourselves from these economic dictators.

Well, the brain chip might as well be the news of the day. I mean it can definitely be a life changer. People's lives can be drastically changed as it can alleviate quadriplegic , paralyzed people and give them control of their bodies again. That's an actual scientific wonder. I've got more than respect for scientists who save lives.

God Bless Corbertt Report and Media Monarchy!
My must reads to start my day!

Highest Regards

really interesting post very informative...

These Solutions are All Nice, but they are Subverting the West with the Satanic " Do what thou wilt " Agenda. Thats where for Example the Destruction of the Family Unit and the Subversion of Male and Female, Transsexual Agenda comes from. The REAL Answer is a Massive Return to BIBLICAL Christianity, and their TOWER OF BABEL NWO will Fail. The REAL Answer to the Satanic Agenda is a Born Again well Informed Nation. God bless.

Thanks for the news, will be sure to take a look.

Excellent update news. I like your informative work. Thanks for sharing such a good post.

Peer to peer is the future! :D

'When the power of love overcomes the love of power, only then will the world find peace.' J. Hendrix
What a week for truthers! The corruption in DC gets more and more obvious by the day, Israel continues to cut it's own throat by exposing itself for what it really is, Clinton is back in the cross hairs, and now we find out that Kraft (the Talmudic fake Jewish owner of the cheaters in New England) and Heinz (another family that doesn't deserve our dollars or our respect) are losing millions? I know there's more to mention, but for now, this'll be enough!

It is good that people around the world are realizing just how much of a scam the powers that be (be it the governments of the multinational corporations) and thus turning to DYI "everything". Having said this, replacing what we've been brainwashed to think we need with something that pretty much does the same thing (albeit DYI) is still not ideal. How about a DYI to living a simpler life...that DYI would be much cheaper.

Thanks for the info

Wonderful news,I think it will benefit us a lot, good work brothers.

These videos are great always good to stay on top of things thanks for your post

good job nice video @corbettreport

James x 2! It's encouraging to witness the war on drugs being regected by "We the People". I hope this insainity is almost over.

@team-solutions has promoted your post :)
Thank you for the great content.

All the power they believe they have is because of us. Just remember not to be an order follower. Order followers have to be exposed and educated. The atrocities of the world are committed by the order followers. Trust yourself you know what's right and wrong.