Continuing Coups, Kremlin Kontrol & Copyright Crackdown - New World Next Week

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This week on the New World Next Week: Trump Train Rolls On Venezuela, Golan Heights as Russiagate Hysteria Distracts; Putin Signs Censorship Bill; EU Passes Draconian Internet Crackdown Legislation By Mistake On Purpose.


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Corporate Colonialism. The corporate interests control government. Only by withdrawing your support can you regain your freedom. Freedom might not be realized in your lifetime but it is important that you make a contribution.

Wow, it took minutes for dtube to spin up and play this video. It was worth it!

No Masters No Slaves. Government is slavery.

That's the most convincing testimony I've ever seen you lay down Mr Corbett, rejecting any consent or participation within it. Thank you.

In my opinion, the transition from slavery to freedom commences only when an individual looks forward to their own death. This does not happen within those who petition the gov't for a socialism security check or any other entitlement/subsidy. Those are the people who have rejected truth to achieve ignorance (evil) and manifest slavery for themselves and others. Know the enemy especially when it is self. The role models of violent society are a tiny minority. I've been calling them out since the age of 10 in 1969. But then I was raised by psychopaths and have looked forward to my death as long as I can remember. Today is yet another day in the life of learning to die well. I have one bit of advice for others, "stop treating the complicit majority with any respect and this process of maintaining slavery will be ended." The time to speak loudest about truth is when you know it will offend. The statists have forced open a global invitation to offend. The complicit have run out of time.

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