Deep State Technology is Decades Ahead of Commercial Technology

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It's a truism of conspiracy research: Whatever technology is available to the public is decades behind what is available to the deep state. As researchers well know, there are many specific examples of this from the annals of tech history. This is one such example.

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AI was in the theory for a while. But it is until now that we have the computing power to handle it and the data acquisition sources streamlined.
By data acquisition I mean the millons of sensors and people posting their lives online in a properly organized fashion, solving captchas and so on.

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"Deep fake" video (ie "believable fake" video) came to the mainstream's attention in a big way back in 1994 with Forrest Gump:

I tend to avoid hearing conspiracy theories because they make me think a lot about things that I can´t change...

But, in this case, I had to see what you had to show, and I can only affirm that "Deep State Technology is Decades Ahead of Commercial Technology", this is almost certain, just like your examples show 2 similar situations distanced years from each other (I can not believe that getting legs is the only progress we have made). Not only I can't see such small development in so many years, but the technology is only shared with the people when they (deep state) can control it (I mean absolute control).


Willful ignorance is the worst kind of ignorance.
I'm proud to be a conspiracy theorist :)


Agree, the difference is that I´m aware of what´s going on, like I´m sure this example of technology is happening for decades (centuries maybe)...

Congrats on the title, if it was offensive please excuse me! :D

I wish this was true, but its not.

Innovations come from guys working in garages.

So, what do you get from billions of dollars thrown at an area? More of the same.

Thus, 10 years and billions of dollars equals a printer that is cheaper and a bit more reliable, but its still a printer.

However, you cannot compare two groups of scientists who are working with different theories:

  1. A group of govern-cement scientists who are working with an actual understanding of physics and have access to alien and ancient tech.
  2. A group of scientists who believe such obviously stupid things like the earth is a ball, gravity keeps the galaxy together, the big bang, that god doesn't exist...

Basically, EVERYTHING taught in college science text books are wrong.
Starting from that place, and you find no new laws of the universe.

So, in the end, what happens is that a guy in a garage comes up with something that makes all the old stuff obsolete. And then we spend years perfecting it.

And, by the way, flying saucers are easy.
You just charge a flat condesor (they call them capacitors for some stupid reason) to millions of volts and it floats.
Its one of those things that isn't taught in science class, you have to go dig up the info. (because, if you think about this, then gravity as result of mass is wrong)

Now, you just need lots of money and engineers working at controlling it. Millions of volts is not easy to move around.