I Am Doing a Report on Epstein's Death and I Need Your Help

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JOIN THE INVESTIGATION: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=32414

As you know by now, Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell on Saturday morning. Officials have already ruled the death a suicide. I am working on a report about the circumstances of Epstein's death, but I need your help to compile the data about this incident as it comes out. Corbett Report members are invited to join the open source investigation and leave any pertinent links to data and analysis in the comments section on corbettreport.com.

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The incompetence started after the first botched attempt at Epstein's life, the rest was perfectly executed (pun intended). Now to clean up the conspiracies on Epstein by coming out with another major News event such as tRUMP misspells his name or some other mass shooting so our collective 15 minute short term memory forgets about it.

Looking forward to the report

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We may never know the truth of what happened here, and who Epstein's real background and higher-up, controlling "management" connections are. His death may have been faked, and he was whisked off to some tropical exile(s), à la (not to be confused with Allah) Napoleon on Elba / Saint Helena, but more secretive.

One thing we do know, is that stuff nonny donny went down like the "official" narrative states.

This Jon Rappoport post here has two embedded links from two other punters that go down the rabbithole on this topic in more detail.

It also could have been some distracting, warm-up Tisha B'av ritual offering. Oi vey! Just another coink-e-dink, no doubt. The "fast fest" day ain't over yet.

Yeah, suicide in MCC. That's likely.

Go get 'em James!

I do not belive we will ever even truly know if he is really dead or not.

All sources so far are MSM after all.
Sometimes MSM news contain more fiction than the LOTR trillogy...

Jeffry Epstein's suicide was faked. They used a body double. Epstein had dirt on too many people that wanted him dead so my guess is they faked his death and the real Epstein went into the Witness Protection Program. He is probably alive and well having tea with Osama Bin Laden, Tim Mcveigh, and Sadam Hussein HA HA.

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