Epstein Arrested!...But Will Justice Be Served? - #NewWorldNextWeek

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This week on the New World Next Week: the Epstein case goes mainstream; another city bans facial recognition tech; and Bayer's legal woes mount as jurors urge judge to uphold verdict.

SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=31978

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The Epstein issue is part of the establishment distraction tool box. Just as the O.J. trial, so goes Epstein. When a "celebrity" is punished, the distraction evaporates in days. A perceived "injustice" can be drawn out for years. The media's effort will be used to keep the citizen focused on "the ball". The intelligence agencies will not give up their monopoly without public rebellion. Without public implied consent, they have no legal authority to operate. The public must begin by shunning them everywhere they encounter them. Remove funding and nullify every motion brought against anyone for any reason. Remove that power to punish and they go away.

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If you put "palnet" as a tag on your posts I could flee this place and only check my Palnet feed!

I have very few remaining friends still posting on Steemit, but I still keep having these random hopes that the good old days could somehow be revived.

So I am now watching Palnet with interest - OK its probably another scam and could rapidly turn to shit, but call me the eternal optimist :) - it does have some good bits at this point. A lot less bots, less whales, and no "featured posts" for starters.

At this point the quality of the posts on my feed is certainly better, but who knows how long that will last for - dickheads can quickly learn to put "palnet" tags on their posts too.

But it's the best alternative to Steemit I've seen so far, so I'm trying to get all my Steemit friends to tag their posts with palnet.

Here is my quick overview on all this PALNET stuff - on both platforms:



Tokens are under fire from the SEC. HTTP websites are under fire from government censors. I'd use caution. https://steemit.com/steemit/@gray00/steemit-com-blocked-in-russia
Palnet can be blocked just as steemit already is. The next generation DTube application (full decentralized) will be full stack including the blockchain. No one can censor that. HTTP-based websites and webapps will become a thing of the past.

Oh bugger - but a no censor no blocking site would be pretty awesome