9/11 Whistleblowers: The 9/11 Commissioners

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The 9/11 Commission and its final report are still held up as the final word on the events of September 11, 2001. But there's just one problem: Six out of the 10 commissioners have admitted that the commission was misled, stymied, hampered by conflicts of interest, and, ultimately, forced to participate in a politically-motivated cover-up. This is the story of the doubtful 9/11 commissioners.

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: corbettreport.com/911whistleblowers/

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How could I be on Steemit for two and a half years and not know until now that @corbettreport was here!! Excellent reporting!

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Has the greatest (and most successful) PSYOP ever been accomplished for 9/11?
(Even @corbettreport's distractions has contributed and contributes to its success)
People (me included, for a long time) prefer to BELIEVE rather than LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE that they have under their eyes... it's incredible, but it's true.