How to Find Broken Links Online

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Marcelo writes in with a common question: A link on your site is broken. Where can I find the information it contained? James responds with two simple ways to find broken links online.

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Great stuff.

Way back in 2007 my brother and I started a internet radio show on the Ron Paul Radio Network called "The Mike and Jake Show" the Fireteam for Freedom which we hosted at However, I couldn't find it on the wayback machine. So I figured I'd check out which was a very popular site for all the Paul fanatics at the time...

Here's what I got:
Error. Page cannot be displayed. Please contact your service provider for more details. (25)

It's interesting that it's all been erased. To some degree I'm glad because I was still, at that point, a Republican on my way to Libertarian. Anyway, maybe someone has a suggestion...

Thanks again James. As always, fine work!

Thanks James, I resteemed this helpful video.