Learn Mathematics on @dtube #7 | Derivation of ln related problems

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In this video we learn that how to find d/dx of ln(x²+x) .
We will apply formula as d/dx of lnx is 1/x further derivative of x.
As d/dx of lnx is 1/x so in the same way lets find d/dx of ln(x²+x).
d/dx ln(x²+x)
=1/x²+x (d/dx x²+x)
=1/x²+x (2x+1)
This is our answer.

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@coolguy222, Enjoy your Mathematical passion. Hope that this will attract more audience who want to learn or hold the same passion. I am not sure about exact tag but you can checkout steemeducation once. Stay blessed.

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Aha,,thank you my friend for your concern.
Stay bless and keep enjoying.

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Welcome and thank you so much. Enjoy your time ahead.