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Hi Steemians!

I made this video for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, I wanted to celebrate 2 milestones that I hit on Steemit since I joined in October of 2016.

Second, I wanted to discuss a disturbing and disappointing trend that I have been noticing on SteemIt as of the last few months.

I'm wondering if SteemIt has become "pay to play."

I've noticed that it's very difficult to get noticed nowadays, even when you put out decent content.

Yet, it seems there are a lot of Steemians getting noticed and taking large rewards from simply posting an image or a meme. I don't think there's anything wrong with posting an image or a meme or two here and there, but I don't think that should be the only type of content a person uploads.

I don't really like the fact that I have to buy resteems just to get a few votes. It feels like cheating, and I promised myself I would never do it. However, it seems like that's the only way to get some eyes on your content.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not about the money. I enjoy blogging on SteemIt, and I do feel a sense of accomplishment when I post. That in itself is a great reward. However, it doesn't exactly feel good when you put a lot of work into an article and not get any monetary reward at all. After all, we are putting our time in, and so it would be nice to at least get a tiny bit of compensation.

What do you all think?

Drop a comment and let me know!

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This is really good video, I really respect that. It's a shame, you only make this much for your effort. Good luck to you. When I first started you came to my page and comment something that really changes me. Thank you.


Thanks. I appreciate your comment and I'm glad you enjoyed the video.

You are absolutely right! It doesn't feel right to have hard work ignored. I was with you and to some extent I still am. It's taking a lot of work with minimal feedback unless you consider inattention a feedback.

Last month I found some new advice. Many of the bloggers with the highest number of upvotes and comments on their posts have suggested that the beginning of their success started with a lot meeting people and making contacts. My blog has been doing a lot better since I started putting almost all of my efforts into checking out and commenting on other's posts and just kept my blog to 1 or 2 posts per week (as one of the helpful posters suggested). It is a relatively easier way to get feedback via upvotes to comments you make too! People whose attention I would never have expected to be interested in my posts have shown up and some have even resteemed me. This method is taking a lot more time than just doing the posting but it's slowly beginning to pay off in attention to my writing and in how much fun I'm having.

About the recycled posts of someone else' memes... There are a couple things that are possible.

  1. It is a person who has already put his time in with making contacts and is now easing up on the work of producing content
  2. It is a person who is a cheater. If you want to do a little research you might be able to find out if they are making comments on other people's sites, if the exact same people are upvoting the suspicious person's site every single time, if the suspect is upvoting anyone other than himself.
    If they still looks like they are cheating you can notify @cheetah and @steemcleaners.

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Congrats Chris. Wow, impressive :)
I am still learning the ropes here but I think ( or maybe just hoping) the cream of the crop will rise. And the ones who produce quality content over time will eventually shine. I also think constructive commenting that adds to the discussion will bring in more Followers for a person. And once you get enough Followers then maybe it's the Steemian's responsibility to put out 'gangbusting' content that the Followers will want to see each and everyday. But I am new , so this is kind of speculation on my part right now. Anyway, great job brother for getting over a 1,100 Followers. Look forward to joining you at this milestone sometime in 2018 :)

Congratulations @contentking on your achievement on Steemit! Wow, 2016. You're one of the early birds. It's interesting to see how the direction of Steemit has changed. I've read similar sentiments from others that started early, on the direction of Steemit and their perception of it.

I'm a newbie and can't really contribute to the solution. I also don't post much since I can't seem to find the time to write good posts, but I do read and comment others when I have the chance.

I do agree that it is difficult for good content to be noticed. I surely hope Steemit doesn't become a "pay to play"platform, as you said in your video. I would hate having so many politics involved when this is an environment to learn and grown from one another.

first congratulation on 60rp! i agree with you some people only simply post mean just like meme and earn good money but other do quality posting but didnt get reword or if they get reword thats are little bits!hard working alway pay!


Thanks so much for commenting! I know it seems pretty tough to get noticed, and you really have to work hard. That alone should be enough. However, I've been noticing that with all of the bots and resteem services, it seems to be a lot more difficult to get noticed and rewarded just for the quality of your content.

I have to admit that I do buy resteems and use bots because it seems that you have to in order to be competitive. I don't know if it's right or wrong, but that's just the way it is.


for some time bots are right to increase rp but also need work hard to get rewards!

Nice post.


Green beans???

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