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Production: Chris Pope
Lyrics: Constantine The G
Scratches: MadnessKey
Editing: Billy Theta
Camera: Blaze Video Productions
Directed by Constantine The G


Hook X2:
say brat when you strapped , brat brat goes the gat, click clack we attack , shootin down the opposition, like brrrrrrrr, when ur rollin on a mission , brrrrrrrrrrrr, unleashin all ur ammunition.
Verse 1:
my tounge is my gun, my gun is my tounge, been kickin shit since i was about eleven years young, right out the slum too the bottom of the barrel, roccin hood apparel, keep the lyrics real for myself , never spit a christmas carrol, rap it like a pharaoh, read them like they tarrot, old school goon caballero shootin ur sombrero, tax ur feta cheese and dinero, pissin vinegrette all over ur grave, smoking on a ciggerette my visions narrow, inhale thick smoke, always flip that quick dope, Constantine the great get that killer beat from Chris Pope, i stay dirty fuck soap, spit hard cut throat, gods considered a joke, so im a have to say fuck hope, you fucken with the faithless, im a leave you fucken faceless, ripp them up with rusty razors, pepper spray , electric tazers, glocks with pointer lazers pointed at you bastards faces, and..ahhh all we gotta say is......

Hook X2
Verse 2:
ever took one for the team? ever quit smoking the green? ever slang coke to a feind? ever wake up in the dream? seen what ive seen? ever made love to a queen? only to open ur door to war, only to find out shes a whore, only to let that pain strike you down once more, ive lived enough to complain, insane, complex up in the brain, maintain the image that i gain, obtain general status in the game, refrain from fame and pain i claim, OE's the click, the name, puttin ur crew to shame, burning them all in my flame, goin to hell on a train, i speak the toung of the rain, explained in vapours and gasses, 70% of the masses life flashes sittin on they asses, drinkin champaigne from crystal glasses, taking orders from they masters, mass dissasters, they blast us, no reason for there treason, apocalypse, cops with glocks and clips, police man season, beleving they'd break us off even, squealin appealin when they stealin from our pockets, mothers is hungry while they can afford to build rockets, i'll put my strap in they eye sockets and i..i'll pop it!
Hook X2:

#saybraaaaat #outksatexellence #OE #hiphop #rap #athens #greece #AK47 #hardcore #AMR #sourmenacartel

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@constantine-g Yeah! That's what I'm talking about man! Bring them some more!


Im bring the mothafucken rawkus!!! :D


@constantine-g I see you!!! They are not ready for this!


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