Constantine The G - I Hate You (Produced By Dj Xquze)

in dtube •  11 months ago

Mix & Master By: P.M. Studio
Produced By: Dj Xquze
Directed By: Popayedi

Verse 1:

I think its pointless for me to explain the crisis in Greece,
When most of you animals can't even express your own peace,
Watch the police brutality increase,
Cause these Masonic political figures let their dogs off the leash,
New world order , neo-nazi golden dawn, V.S. immigrants from countries that worship the Koran or the Vedas or whatever,
as long as you different they thinking their better.
Politicians out to get that cheddar.
One loan here, two loans there , three loans see,
After the 6th or 7th loan its bankruptcy,
and then its back to the Drachma or communism malaka,
Anarchists with bloody fists hit the system (BRRAAAKKKAAA),
They hit the system with a rhythm and precision,
Cause everyday is like being entrapped in a prison,
But here mama bear cant pay her bills cause she cant find a job,
While papa dukes is scheming on who to rob.


Hey Hey Hey Hey, I Hate you! x3
Its the system that makes you.
The government that breaks you.

Verse 2:

How long were you planning on letting that fear last?
Old people going to the riots dying from the tear gas,
If you dont die young then you gonna die fast,
Finding satisfaction in watching a cops mask smash,
Or the economic collapse crash,
Everything they show on television's propaganda.
Garbage for your mind, wasting all your precious time,
Doesn't matter if you know your rights,
Arrested by the swine,
Racism inclined to the max,
Due to extreme nationalist parties in congress,
Thats why there's no progress.
All my brothers and sisters watch ur backs,
Cause these fake illuminati vultures make me nauseous,
Cautious like foxes when they set traps,
The only species on earth putting its own kind in boxes,
Now check the facts before they try to bury us,
Poisoned food , F.D.A. Approved,
Codex Alimentarius.


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