Constantine The G - eRAWtas (OFFICIAL VIDEO CLIP)

in dtube •  last year


Produced By: Alex Orphanatic
Scratches By: Dj Xquze
Directed & Edited By: Billy Theta & Constantine The G
Thanks 2: Stigma Lab

the love that you withhold is the pain that you carry,
..i remember when i first met'cha, never forget'cha, i bet'cha, you'd come find me, even if ur parents wouldnt let'cha, i love the way you speak, im always digging in ur lecture, when you aint around i get this feeling i should text you, you send me back hearts and kisses X's and O's , im glad that you my miss's, i aint fucking with no hoes, always front row at my shows, i kiss you on the neck playing footsie with our toes, this the way our love glows, i suppose ur my everything! everything? everything! love so deep we gone need a wedding ring, you bring affection when we touch, thing i say make you blush, when we kiss its like, hush! everytime its a rush!!! crush,crush, cant get you out of my mind, plus,plus im thinking about you all of the time, ur bodies design , ur perfectly fine, ur meant to be mine, the diamond that shines, you got me steppin in line,,, and i aint trying to get out, im trying to get in, and stay a little longer with my friend, when im with you im stronger then an army of a million men, spilling my heart thru the art, while its leaking out my pen, ur my gem!!! shit i could stay forever like this, lookin deep in ur eyes, time ceases to exist!

#outkastexellence #OE #hiphop #rap #athens #greece #onehundredpercent #AMR #sourmenacartel

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i will support all your stuff bro :D


much love from Greece homie!! I already started following you !! keep those beats coming :D


cheers bro , i will try to upload a new one everyday until youtube aint got shit on us :P

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@cheetah Hey Robot good looking thats my video on Youtube on the Directors channel.