Crypto Weekly Highlights: Pit Stop

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Take a look at CoinGecko's second episode of Crypto Weekly Highlight.

We're stoked with the support from the community during last week's episode. And we hope that this week's episode in the series will again be of help to our viewers.

P.S. This video was meant to be posted on Monday 2 Sept. 2019 but was delayed as we experienced issues on the blockchain. Next Week's highlight will be scheduled as usual.

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Bitcoin & Ethereum Price Report: August 24 - 31 '19

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Followed you on Steem and Dtube already (public info)

As for Youtube.. Here it is!


@coingecko, These kind of Project Oriented Episodes is appreciable team and keep up with these kind of effort.

Kindly find the below screenshot for your reference.

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@coingecko, nice series! Keep it up!

I wish you write a text version (or a summary) of the video so people who don't have time can skim through it. Just a thought~

Thank you for the feedback. This will be done in our next videos on Dtube and Steem.

Glad you consider it.

Thanks for help and knowledge :)