Crypto in Asia Ep.1

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CoinGecko would like to introduce the first episode of the Crypto In Asia Show!

This is an inaugural and experimental show where thought leaders come together to share knowledge and information with each other.

As the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is still relatively nascent, there are often misconceptions and confusion when it comes to understanding what is happening on the regional/national scale unless you are informed by someone “in the area”. This is the main objective for Crypto In Asia, where developers, influencers and thought leaders from different countries come together and discuss what’s happening on the ground.

This first episode features the following hosts:

See Eun from Nonce Co-working Space Korea, who also manages Studio Decentral - The first Korean blockchain/cryptocurrency Youtube channel.

Koji Higashi, a Crypto Thought Leader in Japan who runs the Youtube Channel Bitcoiner Hanseikai.

Bobby Ong, Co-Founder of @CoinGecko, a crypto data aggregator tracking over 4,000 cryptocurrencies from over 300 exchanges.

The discussion ranges from regulation in Korea, Japan and Malaysia to development of cryptocurrency exchanges as well as trader sentiments in Asia among many other talking points.

You can fast forward to the timestamp below to quickly jump to one of the topics discussed:

5:00 - Crypto Exchange Restructuring and Diversification in Asia
9:21 - Rise and fall of new Exchanges, the loyalty of traders and Trans-fee mining
12:21 - Exchange coin listing requirements and the legality of ICOs in Korea
19:49 - Relationship between Exchanges and Coins
22:57 - Cosmos Project and Tradable IOUs
25:00 - Privacy Coins in Asia
27:29 - Development of Blockchain Games in Korea
31:47 - Kakao’s Involvement in the Crypto Space
33:25 - Software, Hardware Wallets and Cryptocurrency Custody
44:00 - Crypto Regulation and Legality across Asia
55:29 - Blockchain Associations & Government Lobbying
1:01:09 - Non-Fungible Tokens
1:03:21 - Blockchain-based Gaming Apps
1:07:30 - Crypto Trends in Malaysia

We are looking for feedback and comments! Tell us what you think about this show and what discussions you are interested to see on Crypto In Asia. Share with us some insights and thoughts you picked up from the show and discuss your opinions in the comments section below.

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Bobby of @CoinGecko, may I contact you in Discord? Nice show, fellows!


Hi Cryptospa, good to hear from you. Yes, most certainly you can contact Bobby via Discord but in case you can't reach him, do kindly drop a message on Telegram @bobbyong or email at Thank you!

Having watched the podcast, I'm very impressed with the content.

Getting updates on what is happening in the cryptocurrency in the "micro" scale in each country is a powerful insight. Some people want to go beyond knowing the high level stuff and see potential trends that might spark from certain corners of the world.

Also, learning about the different behaviors and trader sentiment from different countries gives everyone a perspective as why certain things happen in certain way (for one, we now know a little as to why Korea and Japan represent so much volume in crypto trading).

I'd love to see more of this. maybe bring in more and different guess from different countries to spice up the conversation since so many topics can be touched on in 1 hour time.

Good show! #hellodtuber

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Great show and very valuable information!
I hope to see more shows like this in the future.

Oh! I like ビットコイナー反省会。Resteemed this article.

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That's awesome! thanks for the support!
We would love to hear any feedback you may have

I was seriously thinking about a show in this exact same format! Well done guys! Will it be you 3 each show? I was going to concentrate more on Steem, but I think you'll never, ever, ever run out of topics talking about crypto in Asia.

I'll give it a watch now (I was too excited to wait to comment).
My first advice would be to also upload it to YouTube and include that link in this post... to help build your audience and just in case if DTube or YouTube has technical difficulties.


Thanks for the advice. Things are still up in the air while we are looking for feedback and learnings so we can improve future videos if any.


Alright... just finished. It was great... all 3 of you are so knowledgeable about the crypto space. Disappointed that no Steem games came up in the conversation, but honestly, under they're on it's hard to get a proper reading on them.
I'd love Koji to get headphones and a microphone, just because the sound levels were different. Maybe even get him to think about his lighting as well.

So many topics covered. Really interested in the regulation space and getting a pulse on what's happening in each country. Really enjoyed this... thanks for sharing!

Very important and informative article....thnx for share this blog with us.i love cryptocurrency..