Boston Butterfly Planetarium

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Hi fellow Steemians,

Was enjoying a much deserved vacation recently and we decided to check out something I haven't seen in 2 decades or more, the butterfly planetarium outside of Boston.

It was pretty awesome seeing them all flying around, considering how fragile they are. The place was a lot smaller than I remember but when you're a young kid, the place looks huge to you anyways. Thankfully there wasn't too many people there otherwise it would have gotten difficult to move around, never mind preventing yourself from accidentally squishing one or two.

There was some elusive ones, like the ones with big blue wings. I couldn't get a clear picture of their open wings but when they close them, they are the big brown ones that look like owl eyes. If you check out the video, you can see the big blue ones flying around quite a bit, they were the most active little critters.


Have you been to a butterfly planetarium before? I would recommend checking it out! Butterflies are pretty awesome, I hope this place can stay in business for another 20 years or more.

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