Buying DEC with My Litecoin!

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Hi all! yes, this is correct! I'm HODLING all my DEC right now! I want as much as I can get! You can see how easy it is in just a few steps to buy some litecoin and convert it in a few steps to DEC!! It is so eacy to do! I use coinbase and biught litecoin there then used blocktrade to convert the litecoin and finally bought DEC in I did buy everything there wa sto buy the first 2 days it came out! Now, I just wanna hold it! I will be using some of the potions though- those are so nice!!
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Whose HODLING THE MOST DEC in their wallet right now?

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I'm holding all my earned DEC as well. I may spend on the 100 orb promo purchase once I have enough but I'm not sure yet.