Immortal Gods Quest Contest Winners!

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Hi everyone! I am here live in the Splinterlands Guilds- doing the Quest Lodge Contest winner's - @raynie won 1st here on the random picker as you see. 10K and a beta booster pack! Runner ups received 1K DEC and a beta booster pack. All # 7's will get a beta booster pack! I am sending them all now! Congrats and thank you all so much for being such awesome team players to get that done! What a nice 4% DEC bonus we are enjoying and a 2% shop discount! NICE! Immortal Gods has given away 10K DEC to the Spanish community a few days ago to build their 3rd Guild and we are about to have the next contest very soon! Any day now! Make sure to follow Steem Monsters on Steem and they will be posting a Guild- Community post from me which you will comment on it to win 10K to form your own Co-op Guild with members from the community!

There was also a giveaway from the last post in which @khan.dayyanz won a beta booster pack for your comment! Congrats to everyone!

Get in the game now!

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Splinterlands Discord HERE

Facebook GroupHERE

Splinterlands Official Facebook Page HERE

Splinterlands Telegram HERE

Immortal Gods IG - HERE

My YouTube with Splinterlands Content - Clove71

2bP4pJr4wVimqCWjYimXJe2cnCgnFeRQinASdBqk5sC (1).png


May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Splinterlands Rep.


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Thanks , for boosters ...we are good team ..
And we are now more powerful immortal evils for rank play ...🤣😂🤣

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Congrats winners! Immortal Gods is hands down the best Guild <3 Loving the 4% DEC bonus and the 2% shop discount.

Thanks for the booster.
& Congrats to everyone, especially @raynie

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Thank you @clove71 ! I stuck the 10k DEC in our Guild Vault! Stocking up for our next big purchase!

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Hi, @clove71!

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greetings, dear and honey @clove71

Very,very nice

Your guild is the monst stronghest on all SteemMonnsters :D

thank you and have a good night

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Hi there! There are not any Guild wars- battles going on yet but I’m excited for when they start! Then things will really be exciting! There are great players in all the Guilds! 👍👍

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