Talking about relationships - Supporting @tanbay ! - Day 266 !

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In this video I decided to talk about relationships.

I want also to support @tanbay because he was the one who helped me when I joined Dtube.

I'm really thankful to him and I hope he will watch this video to be inspired.

He is really doing well on dtube and he even get a youtube channel as well :

He has almost 70k subscribers there, please subscribe on him to support him as well.

You can watch the video with me interviwing me him a few months ago here :

@tanbay I hope you will find what you are looking for and you will feel much better.

Life is a combination of experiences that we have to pass through.

Those are like tests that make us stronger to face better things in our life.

I wish you all the best.

Thanks for watching and reading. ☺

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Subscribe to my youtube channel here

The music used is from :

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You are so grateful to do this video to support @tanbay. A good friend indeed. Keep them coming @clixmoney. You really had journeyed in dtube quite awhule and I really wish you more and more success! 😁😊👍


Thanks a lot. :)

I'm in that break, enjoying my life :) Thank you for this video Clix. I appreciate the sentiment you speak about here.


You are very welcome. Keep enjoying. :)

Hey @clixmoney I never get a chance to know @tanbay but listening to you I feel he is very helpful guy...glad you met him in your early phase which helped you built good repo.
As far as relationship is concerned it is a very serious topic...wish I could make a short video on @dtube...and will definately make one..

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Yeah, he is a great guy and he deserves the best.

I can talk about that topic for hours, our life is full of relationships, it's a good topic for dtube as well. ;)


Ahh..if you say so..I try to make one...👍

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We feel for @tanbay as 12 years is a long time for it to suddenly end. Yet, we like how you are supporting him @clixmoney 😊 honestly, we are going through a tough time ourselves as we live in two separate countries, but we need to live our lives and learn to love ourselves before loving others. That's what we are doing and seeing each other when we can.

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You are right, their is not issue in caring about ourselves, we just need to find that balance between caring about ourselves and others. Thanks for the comment. ☺

Man that music really set the mood!
You made some very good points !
I too am used to people coming in and out of my life , sad but I understand some people are like seasons for a reason to teach lessons ! Man you had a lot of relationships! By the way , where are you from ?

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Thanks for commenting, yeah, the music if free and great, I forget to add the source, I will add it right now. Here is the link if you want to use that music :

I'm from Algeria but I've been living in Russia for more than 8 years, my mother, wife and son are all Russians. ☺

@clixmoney, nice video! It is so kind of you that you are supporting another Steemian.
Thank you!

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You are very welcome, I always supported steemians, if not in steem blockchain so in discord. People know that and it's the most important. The grateful people will be always thankful.

I think I understand your point and thank you so much for making this video for me I appreciate it! :)


You are welcome. I wish you all the best. ☺

It looks very good quality! pretty solid and very stable, I can see that you liked it a lot, I was wondering why you called it unpacking and not unboxing and I already understood that it was because it came in a package before the box haha! Enjoy it, I hope to see your next selfie videos


Yeah, I also was checking if unpackaging is the right word to use and I've found people using it on the web, so I prefered to use that word. Thanks for your feedback. ☺

Great, I will be following @tanbay now. Thanks for the heads up. As a newbie to Dtube ( not steemit) I am really enjoying to get to know about a lot of you guys :)