10 intersting idioms in English - Join ''English It'' Show !

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In this video I listed 10 intersting idioms in English.

  1. "Hold your horses" - That means hold on.
  2. "A piece of cake" - You use it when something is easy to do.
  3. "Let the cat out of the bag" - That means to reveal a secret.
  4. "Once in a blue moon" - an event that happens rarely.
  5. "When pigs fly" - When something is impossible.
  6. "The best of both worlds" - enjoying two different opportunities at the same time.
  7. "Don’t judge a book by its cover" - To not look only from the outside.
  8. "Out of hand" - Something that not up to you.
  9. "Make a long story short" - try to be brief.
  10. "Take with a grain of salt" - Don't trust somebody blindly.

I think knowing a few idioms will be good for everyone to enrich his/her vocabulary.

I'm also inviting all steemians to join our show tomorrow saturday at 7 am UTC time the 13.04.2019.

We will have native speakers helping non native speakers to practice English.

It's just a show for steemians to hangout and anyone can join, you can even invite your friends from other social media, so they may like our community and join steem blockchain.

We already had two shows and it went really cool and you can ask : @blind-spot , @priyanarc , @eugelys , @jozef230 , @emsonic , @cryptospa , @dmilliz , @josediccus , @geekoverdose , @hafizullah , @soufiani, @behelen , @dearw .

The native speaker who is always helping us to make it possible is @jeronimorubio, an experienced english teacher. But more native speakers are always welcome.

@jeronimorubio even gave us a home work and it's : to talk about 5 dapps you like in steem blockchain.

This time a new guy may join us, he is from Venezuela and he is an English teacher. He is @achatainga.

To join our show, join our community @dcooperation here : https://discord.gg/UMAMYkP

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New words great. When it's new meeting on english-it ?

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Saturday at 7 am utc time, or it will be 9 am in Poland. I hope you will be able to wake up early. lol


I must go to school so I can't be there :/

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We can try in the evening as well if in the morning not a lot of people will come, we will see how it goes.

Hopefully I wake up early .. 😉😉

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I hope so. ☺

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