Special DCooperation - Interviewing @oracle-d creator - @starkerz

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In this video I interviewed @starkerz , the creator of @oracle-d.

Check the website here : https://oracle-d.com

After interviewing him, I realized how much @oracle-d team is doing for steem blockchain.

First of all, they have @oracle-d.tasks to reward steemians for doing tasks.

The also have @dapplovers to support applications built on steem blockchain.

As well, there is @steem.ninja to make onboarding on steem even easier.

Check the website here : https://steem.ninja/

They work as well on Football Academy project @agfacademy.

Check the website here : https://www.agfacademy.com/

They also support #promo-steem tag to promote steem to the world.

And they are doing a lot of conferences worldwide to spread steem even more.

Check all their presentations on their youtube channel here : Oracle-d Youtube Channel

Enjoy watching the interview.

@starkerz explained everything about the project in the video.

Vote for @oracle-d as witness here : https://steemit.com/~witnesses

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I first met the Oracle-D team at Mallorca Blockchain Days a few weeks ago. They are a cool group. Looking forward to watching them develop. Nice video. Thanks for sharing.


You'r very welcome. Yeah, they are a professional, well organized team. Thanks for the feedback.

Nice !

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Interesting background here has with Construction Projects. Oracle D sounds like a winner. Great interview, Clix


Thanks mate. Yeah, it's a winner project with a lot of perspectives.