Put all your work on the blockchain ! - Day 295 !

in dtube •  18 days ago

Having worked on this awesome blockchain for almost 2 years, I learned something very important.

I want to share this with you guys to not let you repeat my mistakes and to be appreciated as well.

I always help people when they ask me questions about steem blockchain or dtube.

Sometimes I help them in discord, sometimes on facebook and I even helped people by email.

Some people forget all the good that you did for them and get mad just because some little thing they don't like.

When you try to prove that you helped them, they either deny that or can tell you that you are faking screens.

But in steem blockchain we can't fake anything and we can find everything we are doing on it.

This is the awesome thing about the blockchain and that's why we have to share most of the work we do here.

Even if you are a creator of a dapp like @heimindanger who created @dtube.

Or you are a leader of a community like @paulag who is leading @steemcommunity.

Or even if you are a steemian who is supporting a lot of newcomers and steemians who need help.

You have always to put your hard work that you do on the blockchain to let everyone know about it.

So, the mistake I was always making was helping people outside steem blockchain and when they grow here, they forget about everything. Some of them even believe rumors or even attack me.

I think putting all our work on the blockchain is the best solution to avoid all kind of trouble after and to get rewarded well by the community.

I hope everyone will learn from this and try to make more reports and share his work.

Thanks for reading, commenting, resteeming, uproving and watching the video.

You are always welcome to join our community @dcooperation. ☺

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If you want to send any donation, you are welcome to do that, all the donations will be used to power up our account to upvote our members.

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Greeting frnd @clixmoney
I am very impressed with your words that you are always ahead for help and are very happy to know that you openly support the new partners and cooperate. Disadvantages occur when people forget about these cooperation after being successful. The account of all our good and bad deeds is with God, so we should continue our duty and We should not worry about what other people think about us.
Undoubtedly Steem Blockchain is such a platform where we had the freedom to reveal our ideas.
Thank you


You'r welcome.

is very nice

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Is there anything else we have to do to join the dcooperation other than adding the tag to our posts?


Join our discord server and you will see the rules there. You should record an introduction video on dtube or participate in a collaboration with me or one of our members.


Sounds great, I'll definitely look in to it.

Hi friend I like this video and the method you shared here. I personally feel this is a good practice keep everything recorded in steem blockchain so that in future if you need to recall then we can easily find.

I will follow your advice and put all these information in steem blockchain.
Cheers @clixmoney

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Cool, I'm glad you like the advice.

Thats what Im doing, Im putting my LIFE in it. Great advice!