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In the video I interviewed the nice, good, amazing and of course the funniest dtuber @myndnow. If you like fun, entertainment, music, motivation and the best example about success on steemit, you just follow that guy. ☺

Anyone can be in such video, you may just contact me on Our DCooperation Chat. And we can do a similar video. I just want to know :

1 - How long have you been on steemit ?
2 - Who invited you to steemit or dtube, or how you find it ?
3 - Why did you switch from steemit to dtube ? And did you directly start from dtube ?
4 - What do you think about steem blockchain ?
5 - What are your skills and things you do well ?
6 - What are tips that you can give to steemians ?

You can also ask me any questions about steemit or dtube and I will try to answer them.

Let's be useful to all steemians ! ☺

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I was excited to watch the interview and after I have watched it, I was thrilled even more...good job!!!

Thanks a lot for such nice comment, you make me happy. ☺ We need to meet more, next one will be with three people and it will be even more excited. ☺

Thanks for sharing your experience Winn (@myndnow) and thanks for the interview @clixmoney ! :) You are pushing the creators out there to make more and much important: collaborate!

You are very welcome, we will grow very fast especially youtube will help us, a lot of people thinking that dtube is better than youtube, but we don't have to forget that from youtube we can get a big traffic to dtube and we just have to use it, this is the main reason why I do it in hangout. ☺

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