Dtube is the best therapy ! - Day 264 !

in dtube •  13 days ago

After being so sad yesterday and after recordineg and uploading a video about that on dtube, I got so much support, so many positive comments, so much inspirational and motivational feedback.

I want to say thanks to everybody who commented my video yesterday, it helped me a lot. ☺

I feel now that Dtube is the best therapy for all of us.

If you have any kind of problems or bed feelings, just share them with the community.

Most people here are positive and they can really lift your mood.

Sometimes it's hard to share our exact feelings just by writing.

That's why by recording videos it's much easier to do so.

In the video you can share your feelings not only by words you say, but by emotions you show.

I'm very happy that we have such an awesome application on steem blockchain that is called @dtube.

If you never tried https://d.tube/ before, just try it and you will feel the difference.

Thanks for watching and reading. ☺

You are always welcome to join our community @dcooperation. ☺

Here is the link to our discord server : https://discord.me/dcooperation

If you want to delegate any amount of power, you can do it here : https://steembottracker.com/delegation.html

If you want to send any donation, you are welcome to do that, all the donations will be used to power up our account to upvote more dtube's videos.

Follow our team @cryptospa, @soufiani and @eaglespirit.

You can also vote for @igormuba as a witness here : https://steemit.com/~witnesses . Contact him and he can host your videos on @dtube and they will be always on there. You can find him as igormuba#6942 on discord.


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And he returned a smile! We like and value you like that! Thank you for yesterday's conversation. Whatever will be always cool.🤔😀 Good vlog and music. Привет!

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You'r welcome, пожалуйста )

Do an unboxing video for the stick :D
I did not feel like commenting yesterday because I do not know what to say at such situations but am SO happy to see you smile today! I, too, believe that dtube is awesome therapy...especially bcoz of the friends I have made here on this community!
You are awesome man! Stop looking at the trolls, haters are just jealous of your success ;)

BTW, you look like you have mastered walking on the snow, me not so much haha!


hehehe @blind-spot what a point... i think @clixmoney buddy you should do un-boxing video... we will enjoy it... nice place.. but now i dont like snow..


Yeah, I recorded the unboxing video, I will edit it tomorrow and upload the video. Yeah, I don't care about troll and thanks god we don't have a lot of them here. Thanks for the compliments. ☺

I like this Clix! Yes an unboxing!! People love unboxing videos!!!! Omgosh I would die if there was snow here. lolol I can't wait to see more videos from YOU! The real @clixmoney I honestly think you do alot for Dcooperation that you have no time for yourself. Much luv clix!


Thanks a lot for the comment. Yeah, I do a lot, I need take a step back and to care a bit about myself now as well. But I will never forget about DCooperation, it's like the creation I want to improve and grow. The idea of making collaborations is cool, especially now we will be on youtube and we will find more interesting creators. ☺


TRUE!!!!! Cool Beans. I'm Glad Your feeling a bit better. Besides more time woith the family is great! I'm hoping to see more videos of you all together! the New Years one I loved! Your wife so pretty! Much Luv!

Want to see a video with the selfie stick! haha
You could show more around Russia, where you live, I am always curious to see how is life in other countries.
Motivated or not, we want to keep seeing more of you around here ;)
And I am very confident that by the end of the year Steem should be around $1, it is too cheap now, but according to a few friends that are professional traders they actually expect crypto to go a bit more down and maybe see new lows before the bulls become confident to join in


yeah, but I just can't hold it, the situation in my life doesn't allow me to do. I still hope that it will go up, but I can't hope forever, I should look for more encome to life normal life.

Feelings are mutual! Love the connections all over the world and awesome content creators bought together here on the STEEM blockchain!
Happy New Year to You!


Happy new year, thanks a lot. ☺

What an energy and great come back my friend... Really happy to see your happiness and full energy... Have a great day my friend... always stay like this..


Thanks a lot, I will do my best to stay like this. ☺

This is going to sound strange, But you have such a nice face XD.
Subbed. looking forward to seeing your next videos. I just found this platform and everyone here is so positive.

i like.winter and snow myself. i find it a very nice positive always
agreed with rest.of dtubers an unboxing video be awesome
as your always. a special person. since you created this amazing community
keep up the amazing work

look forward to your next video

No; thank YOU my friend for opening up your heart.
Please put this wonderful video also on your YouTube channel :-)


...So I can watch it on my big TV, which is where I watch most videos.
Cheers buddy


I will create a special channel for that, thanks a lot for your tip, have fun watching the video :


I always do mate!

Will you make an unboxing for us Clix? :D


yeah, of course, the video is ready, I will edti and upload it after about 10 hours from now. ☺

I'm glad that dtube and we all cured you, @clixmoney!👍