Stop telling people to power down ! - Day 291 !

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I heard people telling others to power down while I try to motivate everybody to keep creating and improving in steem blockchain.

I don't know why some people are trying hard to make minnows power down !

Let's think about this guys. Let's suppose that those who are telling people to power down that they want steem price to go down. Powering down that mean selling a lot of steem, so the price of steem will go even lower. Those who told people to power down, to sell steem and move to other blockchain will buy a lot of steem in a low price. Then they will just sell it and win a lot.

Such people don't care a lot about minnows, all they care about is to grow their portfolio. It's a big speculation.

The same is happening now in all crypto market. A lot of investors and rich people who are holding a lot of crypto, they tell people bad news about it and even pay those websites to spread those news. The price of crypto will go down, everyone will keep selling, the price will go even lower, those big investors will buy a lot with low price, then they will just spread positive news, people will begin to buy, the price go up and they sell again to gain some profit.

It's a kind of game, a big investing game. If you want to lose this game, do go ahead and sell everything you have and power down. If you want to win keep everything, keep creating and improving and hold what you have. If you feel that you are not earning enough here, try to grow at the same time somewhere else as well. Just diversify your investment, your creation and be good everywhere. Just like @scottcbusiness is doing.

If you want to learn more about what's happening in crypto market, watch videos from @theycallmedan , it will lift you up for sure. Take a look at witnesses what they are doing to improve steem blockchain. Watch the shows of @pennsif . Follow and learn from @paulag. Find out about more communities and application built on steem blockchain.

Don't listen to those who complain about everyone and everything. Get motivated. Have the soul of the leader.

After all, we can't be sure about anything. Life can surprise us with a lot of things.

Keep creating, never lose hope, listen to your intuition.

The best saying I heard from @iamjadeline is ''I joined for rewards, but I'm staying for the community''.

We have powerful, cool, interesting and talented steem community.

Be positive !

You are always welcome to join our community @dcooperation. ☺

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I power up every opportunity I get


Likewise, we will benefit in the long term but also the community here will benefit 💯🐒


Nice to know that. ☺

Although I don't agree with powering down, I do agree that if people want to power down they have that right too. I remember a great video from @exyle who said the same thing about @ned powering down. It is his investment and he can do with it what he wishes.

Although I don't think it is kool for others to tell people to power down, I think that I also can't tell them what to do or say. This is a form of censorship in My opinion. Live and let Live is my Motto. I am here because of the community whom I have a lot of Love and Respect for. Just my two cents on this.

May You and Your Family Always Live in the Abundance of Beauty, Happiness, Peace, and Love and Always Be surrounded by endless Blessings.

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I said that in the video, if you want to power down, go and do it. I didn't like that those who are powering down trying to make others power down as well. We are all here for the community, just everyone has his own way to do things. ☺

Well said. When the prices are low, its time to accumulate, not power down

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Yeah, I hope people will not fall in that trap made by speculators.

I've been in Steemit for over a year, and I have never used fiat to buy Steem or SBD. I gained all the rewards by posting almost everyday. I've never sold my Steem or SBD as I wanted to gain more SP so that I will be able to curate and upvote others post with value.

Those who has so much Steem doesn't know what it meant to have little but so valuable and important to others. Of course everyone join Steemit for the rewards, but it is actually more than meets the eye.

Steemit is a platform for engagement and to build relationship and community that is quite rare compare to other social media platforms.

I totally agree with you @clixmoney, its just a propaganda by the rich asking people to power down for them to manipulate Steem market.


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I'm glad to see people like you for so long in steem blockchain and keep being positive. Me too, most my power is earned by me and i invested only about 300 steem when it was about $3. I'm delegating all that to @dcooperation the community I'm building and I'm not even upvoting myself from that account. Just to motivate our members to stay here, creating, improving and learning. I was mad today hearing that some people told our members to power down. Thanks a lot for your thoughtful comment, even me I need such motivation sometimes.



I have also been here just over a year. You seem to be doing fairly well. But I won't be powering down either. I see it as compound interest.


I have also been here just over a year. You seem to be doing fairly well. But I won't be powering down either. I see it as compound interest.


Great to know. ☺

Who is telling people to power down? It's a super weird suggestion, what was the context?


Some people, I don't like to mention names. I'm just making people aware.

This space can be a tricky game with rumors spreading fast. Good message bro, don't listen just keep on building and if you feel the intuition to spread your wings, diversify into other blocks. We gotta keep creating , growing and building our network, no matter what happens, we will be better than we were before ! We gotta be in it to win it!


Yeah, you are right, rumors spread fast and people believe in them, they don't even ask for proves and take sides fast. After fighting so long for steem blockchain they called me with names. But I just didn't want to support the drama. I want to keep this blockchain clean even with sacrificing my ego. And we always can grow in other blocks like you said, I learned from this things and I will not repeat my mistakes in others. Thanks for this powerful comment, I needed it.

For the love of permanence avoid the power down, Message received <3


Cool. :)

To me, powering down will not help the community. Like me, I power down so as to buy steep power delegation from block trade


That's also not prifitable I think. I prefer to have less power but mine rather to have some people from blockctades that will disappear after. Imagine people powering down everything they have and buying steem power for a while, so what they will do when that time ends ? I think they sell that only for 90 days, yes ?

i completely agree. Does seem like a ploy to get the price down for others investment. Yes Steem is low but a great time to invest. I've bene here over a years now and love the community such a diverse place and full of inspirational people 💯🐒


Glad you agree. Happy that you love the community as well. It's so true, we have so many inspirational people and that's great. ☺


There is so much more potential here than just making a few crypto 💯🐒

I never thought people spread shitty messages to people to power down. As you say it is better for people to leave instead of spreading FUD around!


Yeah, instead of leaving themsleves and let others do what they want, they try to take others down with them. Crazy things are happening in crypto market now.

This platform is for very long term and I will be here for long term though It's right time to accumulate more steem due to low price. Steem is fun i am loving it.

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Great to hear that. Keep growing and improving and learning. ☺

Thanks for this Post @clixmoney. Im accumulating, for sure :)


Cool, glad to know. ☺


can you please reply me in discord ?