My first unpackaging on Dtube ! - Day 265 !

in dtube •  last month

In this video I show my first unpackaging on Dtube.

Recently I asked @romafedorov to help me to choose a good selfie stick.

He helped and proposed to buy the one I show in the video.

I waited for it about 15 days and it finally arrived.

If you want to buy it, you can buy it here : Selfie Stick Monopod Adapter

I also find a thing that I don't even know how to use, if you are familiar with it please tell me what is it ?.

The thing on this picture :

Investing some money in the quality of our videos sometimes is great.

Thanks for watching and reading. ☺

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Nice to see you so happy with your new gear. Enjoy!

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Thanks a lot. Yeah, updating is always nice. ☺

Hehe! Good upgrade!!👍👍

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Thanks. ☺

wow glad you follow the suggestion of others to do this Unbox video. now that is something really special. loved every moment


Thanks a lot. It's great to listen to the advice and apply that later. ☺

Cool! - I'll look into them for my vlogs

Cool! - I'll look into them for my vlogs

Gear is an investment, It gives you a boost to push content. Also new stuff is always cool!

Oh that's cool man, congrats on the new selfie stick :)

The thing that you showed in the picture is a gopro mount..

BTW make sure you're securing the phone mount correctly so it won't fall off when you're vlogging..

Thank you for the mention man!

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Ah, ok, I will buy gopro someday. Thanks. :)

Nice :) I must buy this too :)

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Yeah, it's cheap and very useful. ☺

#clixmoney, congratulations! I hope you will be able to make great videos by this selfie stick.

Btw, I also want to buy one ...

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Cool, you can buy one or maybe better, it's depend on how you want to use it. You can always ask Roma for help, he really knows what's the best. ☺


@clixmoney, I will ask Roma for help.

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