Craziest Words in English - Join ''English It'' Show !

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In this video I listed 10 craziest words in English in a funny way.

  1. Snickersnee : It's a long and dangerous knife.
  2. Collywobbles : Those are sounds you hear from your stomach when you are sick or hungry.
  3. Abibliophobia : It's the fear of running out of things to read.
  4. Bumbershoot : It's a kind of umbrella.
  5. Flibbertigibbet : It's someone who is silly and who talks incessantly.
  6. Malarkey : refers to words that are insincere and talk that is particularly foolish.
  7. Pandiculation : It's the gesture people do when they wake up.
  8. Bibble : It's the sound that you hear from people when they eat or drink.
  9. Bloviate : It's when someone is talking a lot to explain something that he can explain in two words.
  10. Brouhaha : It's just a noize you may hear when people talk.

But that was my explanation of those words, if you want to read about more words, you can check this website :

I'm also inviting all steemians to join our show tomorrow saturday at 5 pm UTC time the 06.04.2019.

We will have native speakers helping non native speakers to practice English.

It's just a show for steemians to hangout and anyone can join, you can even invite your friends from other social media, so they may like our community and join steem blockchain.

We already had two shows and it went really cool and you can ask : @blind-spot , @priyanarc , @eugelys , @jozef230 , @emsonic , @cryptospa , @dmilliz , @josediccus , @geekoverdose , @hafizullah , @soufiani, @behelen , @dearw .

The native speaker who is always helping us to make it possible is @jeronimorubio, an experienced english teacher. But more native speakers are always welcome.

@jeronimorubio even gave us a home work and it's : to give a review on one of your favorite movies. What you liked about it? What you didn't like about it? And describe to us what the story of the movie is about.

To join our show, join our community @dcooperation here :

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Quite funny! I've learned a few new words here, thank you! I especially like "Collywobbles".
Did you notice that you left out "Malarkey"? ;-)


Yeah, I notice that after I edited the video, I even had a picture for that. Let me add it here :

I'm glad you watched the video, I did my best to make it funny. lol

Good list, buddy.



Haha nice :D


I'm glad you like it. ☺

Hey, that was funny! Hahaha

This is crazy because I had no idea these words existed until I saw this video. Thanks for sharing!

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You'r very welcome, I had no idea as well. Funny words. lol