Reviewing @steempress for @blocktrades run by @steemonboarding

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In this video I reviewed @steempress for @blocktrades run by @steemonboarding.

Thanks to @anomadsoul for hosting it and to @coruscate to share it.

What's steempress ?

@steempress is a plugin for that you can add to your blogs to be able to earn steem.

Steem is one of the best social blockchains with a lot of decentralized applications and communities. It's also a valuable cryptocurrency .

How to install steempress ?

To install the plugin, just go to :

Then navigate to : '''' and click on ''dashboard''.

Then click on ''Plugins'' and ''Add new'' :

Then click on "Upload Plugin" , choose the zip file and activate it later.

How to set up steempress ?

To setup the plugin, all you need is to create an account on or to join @steemonboarding to help you to do so. Then in ''settings'' add your username and the posting key :

To find your posting key, just login to your wallet here : , click on ''permissions'' and you will find your posting key there.

In the end just add your tag by default and it's done.

Watch the video on @dtube for more details. is also an application built on steem blockchain.

▶️ DTube

Watch the youtube version here :

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