Don't push too hard on Steem !

in dtube •  2 months ago  (edited)

I think that we don't have to push too hard on Steem because it's still in building stage.

If we talk about steemit, they just get out from beta mode.

If we talk about dtube, it's just updated.

We have also so many tokens created on steem, so many communities and projects.

Most of us here are building their following. We are learning, improving and growing step by step.

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yeah it's true but what to expect for those who refuse to understand. They always complaining, imagine Facebook took how many years before it got known. The best thing to do is PATIENCE.

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Of course, patience is the key.

It's true what you say. We still have some years before this goes BIG ;)

I'm glad you understand it and I hope more people will. :)