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In this video I am talking to @jacksonchakma , he is a steemian from India and he's working hard to grow on steem blockchain.

The questions I asked him are :

  1. How long have you been on steemit ?
  2. Why did you switch from steemit to dtube ?
  3. What do you think about steem blockchain ?
  4. What are your skills and things you do well ?
  5. What are tips that you can give to steemians ?

So, he answered all those questions. If you want to know the answers, watch the video. ☺

I hope you will like the video and you have the chance to be featured in my next videos. ☻

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It was a good experience in doing a collab with you. I hope that we can invite more steemians to have such a wonderful experience and grow together...

Thanks to you also for participating in it. ☺ We will do more in the future and we can talk about more topics and do it with more people, it will be just fun. ☺

For sure...

i will join

welcome. ☺

Definitely i will join you on Ðtube, i have already subscribed your channel @clixmoney
Great to see you...

Thanks, you are welcome. ☺

Yeah niiice :) the steem-community is growing and so the little communities also like #DCooperation :) it is great to be a part of it !

You are very welcome, now we can do a video all of us together, I think it will be amazing and we can have more fun from that. ☺

Hi @tibfox! You did a nice movie with @clixmoney! Congrats!

Thanks a lot my friend ! Come join us too :)

@clixmoney! Just a perfect video! Soon will join you!

Amazing, we will be very happy to see you. ☺