Rejection shouldn't stop you from trying ! - Day 299 !

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Some people may be rejected sometimes, but it doesn't mean that they should stop trying.

We always do our best to do things we think are good for us, but there are always some people who will not like us sometimes. We can't be good for everyone after all.

So, how we should act in case we were rejected or our idea ?

I think we should just continue spreading our ideas and improving them. We will always find some people who will not like what we are doing for some reason. But the most important is to not waste time with them.

The most important is to keep doing what we were doing. And if we think that we did a mistake, we can always fix it.

If you see me doing a mistake, always tell me about that kindly.

I'm not a god after all. lol I can do mistakes.

I think every human can make mistakes, we are all not perfect at all.

If we talk about looking for a work, we will always find some companies who will refuse us. If we will talk about dating, we will always find people who dislike us. Even in friendship that could happen.

Is that mean that we have to stop trying ?

No, of course. If you didn't make it in a place, you will make it in an other.

Thanks god, we have so much opportunities in our lives.

Keep trying and never give up. ☺

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Wonderful video!
I always try to remember that if someone complains or negatively speaks about my videos (the angle is bad, the clothes, the face), it is primarily his problem, not mine.


Yeah, that's great mindset. I'm glad you don't care about that so much. Some people really care and that bring them down. Nothing should bring us down anyway. ☺


No, I tell them to shove their opinions up their asses.)))))

Love this. I always believe there is no harm in trying


Of course, keep trying, keep improving and learning, we have to always keep that. ☺

Nice say, we should not stop our efforts. like this vlog.


Of course, don't stop posting, don't stop commenting and all the activity that we do. ☺


From the beginning, I did not get any support, then I stopped posting. Then I thought I was wrong, so I started to try again.


Yeah, just keep doing that. Everything will be ok.

Absolutely. People tend to spend way too much time and too much of their focus on rejection and failures. They spend countless hours trying to avoid rejections, instead of accepting what comes and learn from it. Good advice clixmoney!


I'm glad you like it. I'm looking for a new work now and I'm like advicing myself as well. lol


The best way to learn is to teach.

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nicely said @clixmoney. I've seen a couple of people in my life who got rejected and didnt wanna try again because of that fear of rejection again but little did they know that there is a thin line between rejection and acceptance. You just gotta cross it! That's why this quote won't leave my head "Never let the fear of striking keep you from playing the game''.


yeah, fighting that fear is the most important, we have to eliminate it at all.

Yep rejection is indeed a part of our life. No matter what we should keep on going !!


Of course, almost anyone can face that in his life and we have to know how to deal with that.