Use the proper tags and the right titles !

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In this video I talked about tags and titles.

I shared my thoughts about trending page in steemit.

But I see a lot of steemians doing the same mistake in my opinion.

About the titles, I think they should be simple and clear !

The titles also sould be catchy to attract more audience.

Sometimes we should use some keywords, but not use them in our posts a lot, so making a general title will help you attrack more people. It's clear when you use the same word again and again that you worship on one person or a community.

About the tags, I think they should be related with the topic.

The tags also should be related to each other.

It's the same for tags as for titles. Using the same tags again and again will not help you a lot and you can't reach the bigger community. Using the proper tags also help the search engines to find your content in the web. So if someone will look for something in the web, he/she will find your article easially.

You can find all the famous tags here :

I hope all my tips in the video will be useful for you.

Be the independent creator.

Thanks for watching and reading. ☺

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Yes, you are absolutely right. Sometines i really find hard using right tag for my posts but it's really important to use good title and tags for any sort of posts...


Of course, you have now a big choice, and you can choose from that list. I do that always and that's why I always find ideas to talk about. ☺

Basically: Steemians have to learn how to make clickbaits hahahaha


Yeah, I use those clickbaits for a long time. It's really helpful. ☺

I think of it as becoming a practitioner of the platform, learning every little thing. Tags, titles, thumbnails, formatting, everything matters.


Yeah of course, it's a combination of correct things we should do. ☺

This ia one of the reasons I hope the official launch of Hiveminds come sooner rather than later as the creation of more communities can attract and engage more users over time!

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I don't know what is Hiveminds , but I hope developers will make some app to add communities, I am building now @dcooperation and we need some support.

I really enjoyed this video Clix because I learned things that I had forgotten I even knew. A long time ago when I was new.. maybe 10 months or so.. I saw a guy on YT trying to explain.. and I was so new I had no idea what he was talking about. Then all this time passed and I forgot what he said.. or maybe he did not explain it as well as you did in this video. Anyhow this video was very helpful and I enjoyed it very much!

Thank you for that! :D


Thanks a lot for being always arround.

Its always good to try an continue to optimize your posts both written and video. Another option is to do transcriptions of what was side in the video or include topic time stamps so people can skip to what they want to hear

All these things set you apart as a content creator and it may be time consuming but if you don't take pride in your work why do you expect others to love it


Yeah, optimisation is very important.

Good topic, @clixmoney!
I usually think about having tags and title in one theme to get attention. But, of course, because of the frequency of posts, I don't think about it as seriously as I could.


I'm glad you like the topic.