Supporting dtube economy ! - Day 298 !

in dtube •  15 days ago

In this video I talked about the support that @dtube get from dtubers.

If most dtubers are upvoting only dtube's videos, so @dtube will earn a good curation reward from that.

This is what I've been doing for more than 9 months with @dcooperation account.

All the earning from @dcooperation account is going to power up the account.

I never withdraw anything from @dcooperation and never sent a single steem to anyone.

You can check that here :

So, any dtuber or a community upvoting dtube's content is supporting the dtube economy.

I want everyone to know that, including : @heimindanger , @reseller , @steeminator3000 , @captainbob , @wehmoen and all those who are working with the dtube team and developers as well like @nannal.

Big thanks also to @ddaily or @dtubedaily , @onelovedtube , @steempowerment , @drisers , @kpine , @tombstone , @singhcapital , @thejohalfiles , @nathanmars , @dtubearmy or @vladivostok and all dtubers and communities that are supporting dtube economy.

Using the tags related to dtube and dtube commonities is also helpful and also resteeming the content of dtubers to spread their creations, commenting them to motivate them to create more, upvoting them and supporting them in any way possible.

Most rewards from @dtube are going to pay for the hosting website, developers, translators, curators and everyone involved in the dtube team.

All I do as well is supporting dtube and dtubers.

All this 9 months on @dtube I was always explaining to newcomers how to improve in @dtube, how to create good videos and to make good thumbnails, what the best time of posting videos, how dtube works and everything about dtube.

I was also motivating people to not give up creating videos and to always learn and improve.

Everyone who joined @dcooperation know about that.

I was also checking videos and reporting them in case I see any abuse.

For example I reported a lot of videos that are not original and stolen from other websites and used in @dtube.

I also cared about to not have spammers on dtube and to tell people about to not abuse the tagging system and to try to diversify their content and to join all dtube communities included in this post.

Since @dtube is the only app keeping me in steem blockchain now, I will keep doing this and supporting @dtube whatever happen.

Even if some people don't appreciate all this, steem blockchain will never lie.

I will share more things in steem blockchain because working only behind the scenes is not helpful sometimes.

Let's keep suppot the creation of @heimindanger and keep appreciating everyone who did anything good to @dtube.

I'm always positive about things and I hope steem will go to the moon and everybody here will be happy.

I wish you good luck, a lot of success and to never give up on things you started !

Thanks for watching, reading, commenting, resteeming and supporting me.

You are always welcome to join our community @dcooperation. ☺

Here is the link to our discord server :

If you want to delegate any amount of power, you can do it here :

If you want to send any donation, you are welcome to do that, all the donations will be used to power up our account to upvote our members.

Witnesses I vote for are : @therealwolf @drakos @gtg @steemcommunity @adsactly-witness @arcange @blockbrothers @gtg @helpie @krnel @mahdiyari @pharesim @scottcbusiness @steemgigs @steemitboard @stoodkev @igormuba @actifit @bitrocker2020 @dsound @yabapmatt @qurator


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Good idea!



Never really understood delegation? But don't really have much to delegate but would probably do Dsound sorry only cos I do Podcasts. Always upvote DTube though much easier than reading 💯🐒


Delegation is just giving a part of you power to a project. And yes, dsound deserves delegations, they are important for steem blockchain, I think.