Dtube.forum - The union of dtubers - The collaboration of steemians !

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@dtube.forum is an event created by dtubers and sponsored by steemians.

It's a great idea to make dtubers meet each other with steemians in one place.

Just like steemfest, in dtube.forum you will meet a lot of interesting people.

The event will take place in Spain, Barcelona, Carrer de Pamplona 88.

The team of @dtube.forum are : @roger.remix , @tibfox , @artakush , @greencross, @ivansnz, @nathanmars , @sergiomendes , @hauptmann

You will meet a lot of great steemians there including the creator of @dtube , the creator of @dsound, @surfermarly
@joythewanderer and much more awesome steemians.

It's my entry for this contest You can WIN another 1000 SP delegation for 90 days!

In case I will win the contest, I want the delegation for the community that I've been building almost a year @dcooperation.

Enjoy watching the video. ☺

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I like the music so much... it's so good... :D


Yeah, Spanish music is really cool. I feel so much power listening to it. It can be so amusing. I'm glad you like it my choice. ☺ ♪♫


It's really cool.. Feel like I should dance.. 😁😁

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haha, dancing is great. ☺

What is this virtual map actually? Looks really amazing! Oh! I think it's google map, but never use this way. :)

And yeah, good work.


Thanks a lot, yeah, that's google map. In fact google has a lot of useful applications as well.

Thank you for the resteem!

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