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I'm participating in my first @reviewhunt and I want to review mosaeek.com.

It's really a cool application where we can react on videos with videos. lol

It seems a new social network for open minded people who don't like to write a lot.

It's also a better way to interact online. You always understand who is talking and what kind of people are behind the screen.

It's not that easy to say true opinion for some people if they will do it by recording a video. So, people will do their best to think twice before replying anything in the web. I think we will have less trolls in this case. lol

The application is still under construction. But I think in the future it will be rewarded and I hope we will be able to use it with steem. ☺

You can check the website, and check my reaction to my trailer video on youtube here : https://app.mosaeek.com/videos/5d47e80e5cfc19009271b8eb-b2M08UVIH4I

For support join the discord server here : https://discord.gg/D7DyBNx

You can also follow their account on steem : @mosaeek

Have fun. ☺

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As I'm in a location where internet speed is not reliable and the cost is high, would be difficult to be consistent in a place such as this unless the returns are high.

It's a free app, maybe in the future they will add rewards. It's also new, so I'm just exploring it. ☺


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