Never find excuses ! - Supporting @kevinli ! - Day 267 !

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I've been almost 9 months posting almost daily to Dtube.

I remember what always motivated me to do so.

It was @kevinli who told me to not find excuses.

It was the answer I heard about 9 month ago when I asked him how he find motivation to post everyday.

He still in the top 100 dtubers by numbers of upvotes from Dtube and he deserve respect.

The guy is from Australia, and he is also an active member of @ddaily community.

Please follow him, watch his videos and you may learn something from him.

I never forget people who helped me in my Dtube journey and I appreciate them all.

Please always remember who helped you when you joined steem blockchain.

Even if those people are not active anymore, you should be always thankful to them.

So, never find excuses to post daily or even a few times per day, you can make a few videos, or use different dapps, comment as much as possible and upvote people. These all will help steem blockchain to be one of the most active blockchain in the world.

In the video I mentioned also @ivansnz , he recently recorded a video about the activity of steem blockchain and how it get to its buttom, but now it's going up again by the rise of steem price.

@ivansnz is also a great Dtuber worth to follow.

So, I verified, steem is the fourth now in activity, eos is the first, let's help steem be the most active, take a look at this website, steem really was the first a few months ago :

Keep posting, keep improving, keep learning and never give up. ☺

You are always welcome to join our community @dcooperation. ☺

Here is the link to our discord server :

If you want to delegate any amount of power, you can do it here :

If you want to send any donation, you are welcome to do that, all the donations will be used to power up our account to upvote more dtube's videos.

Follow our team @cryptospa, @soufiani and @eaglespirit.

You can also vote for @igormuba as a witness here : . Contact him and he can host your videos on @dtube and they will be always on there. You can find him as igormuba#6942 on discord.


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Great Video Clix!!! I love it when your in different places. YUP!! No excuses! The reason why we have the lowest, I think because a lot were telling everyone to post once a day. Which I always thought was weird. But yea, no restrictions no excuses! nice


Of course, we want to be always on the top. We have so much dapps and we can use them all. We have to make steem active just like before. I think people from other blockchains are coming here to make people less active in steem, so the price will keep going down and a lot of people will just leave it. I wish I had time to post more, but I don't really have it now, that's why I do my best to post at least once a day even if I'm tired or too busy. We have now wifi everywhere and we can always find someone to share with us his internet by phone, we can use editor on the phone and we can post everyday, it's really possible to not miss a day. ☺

Agreed on what you said. Always good to do quality over just quantity on posts. It is possible to do many posts a day. But sometimes not everyone can keep track of many posts and at times good content can get missed by fans. Congrats on your 9 months of DTube you are such an innovation to this community and a pioneer to it all. Thanks for your work and thanks for sharing!!


I'm talking exactly about quantity, we need to support more steem blockchain because it's not so active as it was before. People were exacing posting a few posts a day and commenting a lot, but now because of the price the activity went down. When steem was the most active blockchain in , the price also was high, but if you take a look now, you see it not the most active. Thanks for the comment.


understood. so best to post more then a day


yeah, we have a lot of apps and using most of them is having more traffic.

Thanks for the shoutout Clix! Thats really a golden lesson, no excuses! =D


Of course, I think about it almost everyday. lol ☺

I will be back to daily vlogs in about a year. Too many reasons (not excuses) require my attention for me to post vlogs everyday. I will take your advice to post pictures and other quick posts more often, I am very bad at that.


Yeah, of course using other apps is also important, you just show your presence by posting at least something.

Okhy realy great introduced.Do you say something about @kpine? How is he a guy?


how is that related to my post ? Just keep posting everyday and you will be noticed by more people.


No my questions was not related your post.I just wanted to about him. Is okhy


ask him.

You've come a long way, Clix. I see a lot more confidence I your vlogging now 😊

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Yeah man, I'm learning from people like you. ☺

Well I have been posting everyday for some time. There is always something to say. We talk everyday, we see things everyday, our minds are active everyday so there isn't much of an excuse. We need to be as active as possible on the steem blockchain as you mentioned but its helps in our ranks and we also get rewarded for it


Of course, thanks for your nice feedback. ☺

Yeh people like Kevin is an inspiration. For me I record and take photos everyday but posting it up to blockchain takes more time to edit and make a thumbnail snap etc - it’s the snap that sometimes take longer!
I’ll try to post more other media

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Yeah, posting other media is good as well.

Absolutely I agree with you. If you have something to say ( which most of us do) then there is no excuse not to upload to Dtube every single day. I need to try to do this. And remind myself that no excuse will be allowed lol

Anyway, thanks for the video. Very well done


You are very welcome. :)

An interesting thought is that you need to do more transactions.
And, of course, a good motivation for to post every day!