Welcome to ''Our Steem'' - The union of communities !

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I'm inviting all steemians to participate in the show ''Our Steem''.

This show was created to make steem communities work together.

Together we are stronger.

The show was created by @dcooperation with the help of @pennsif and @theycallmedan.

After talking about it in @msp-waves I contacted @jongolson and we did it in @steemsavvy community.

We will have the show again in @steemsavvy this week, the thursday 16th may 2019 at 6 pm UTC time.

Join the discord server here to participate : https://discord.gg/rwfajhA

The main topic in @steemsavvy will be ''communities''.

We will talk about :

  1. The importance of communities ?
  2. How to build and improve a community ?
  3. What are the benifits of joining them ?
  4. What they are doing for steem blockchain ?
  5. How to make it useful for each member ?
  6. What are the most important things each community should have ?
  7. How to make steem communities collaborate more ?

In fact, the topic is big and we can talk about a lot of things.

Welcome to the show. ☺

I contacted as well @freedompoint and he accepted to host it in @theinnerblocks.

We will make it in the future there as well. Maybe even the next week or the one after.

Join @theinnerblocks here : https://discord.gg/rCSHWUP

I contacted as well @shadowspub and we are planing to make the show in the next wednesday at 6 pm UTC time ( the 22th may 2019 ). It will be in the community that's called ''The Rambler'', you can join them here : https://discordapp.com/invite/hzhzWxw

You can join @dcooperation here : https://discord.gg/G6BAWzw

Those are all steem communities who will host the show and we welcome more communities to participate in this.

Let's cross our communities for the best future of steem blockchain.

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Looks like lots of exciting moments are coming...


Yeah, the show will be big with time. I think we will be able to cross a lot of communities in the future. ☺