A video About @steemhunt - Earn steem describing products - Blocktrades contest !

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Recently I watched the video @coruscate about the contest run by her and @anomadsoul and supported by @blocktrades about @steemhunt made for @steemonboarding.

@steemhunt is an awesome application built on steem blockchain.

Check it here : https://steemhunt.com/

The concept is simple. All you have to do is to write a description about a product that's not already listed there.

The team consisting a lot of professionals who are working hard to promote steemhunt to the world.

There is a great motivation for hunters because @steemhunt are rewarding their users not only by upvotes but also by making them earn tokens.

To learn more about the tokens, check this website : https://token.steemhunt.com/

Also the good thing about this application is that they are rewarding even commentators what you will not find in other applications. That a great way to encourage the engagement in the community.

Watch the video to learn more about @steemhunt.

Join their discord server here : https://discord.gg/5BghW6A

It's their twitter page : https://twitter.com/steemhunt

You can contact the team here as well : steemhunt@gmail.com

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Didn't know it was review of products. Thanks for clarifying what Steem Hunt is


You'r very welcome. I'm glad you know what's @steemhunt now.

Thanks for this. I was just told to look at joining STEEMhunt via the STEEM telegram group so this was really useful to get a quick overview. Its good to know they don't just reward for projects but also comments. It seems a much more inclusive way to promote users to participate and critique projects on the platform. It should hopefully allow the project teams to design better products and perhaps solve problems they were not aware through feedback. There are quite a few STEEM Dapps. Which other ones would you recommend? Thanks-


Brilliant. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'll check them out :)


You'r very welcome, do you like by the way to participate in an interview ? I will be glad to interview you.

Hey @clixmoney! Thanks so much for joining this contest, we really appreciate your involvement to make Steem and the Onboarding process a smoother one for the new users.

The results for the @SteemHunt contest are out and also, there is a new @SteemPress contest out with some extra @blocktrades votes for every participation and for the winner.

You can check out the contest right here.


Thanks a lot for letting me know, I will participate in that one as well. ☺