Thank the universe & be good to everyone !

in dtube •  21 days ago

In this video I just wanted to thank the universe for everything I have and I think everyone should do that.

Sometimes if we have a bad mood or trouble in our lives, we just have to remember that we have a lot of good things.

Even having good health is already a lot, having friends and family. We always can find something positive in our lives.

Being good to everyone is important as well, when you do good things, you receive them back as well.

Talking about steem blockchain, we have a lot of projects and communities . You never know who is the curator who may support you. We also have a lot of whales and dolphins. The more people you are good with, the more chance you have to be upvoted and rewarded by them.

So, as you see the things are almost the same in both life and steem blockchain, so let's try to be polite, respectful and positive. ☺

You are always welcome to join our community @dcooperation. ☺

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Wise words you got there.
And I agree, if you open your eyes for the small beautiful things, your life improves so much. Having family and health is not something to take guaranteed, we should value them!

When you feel dragged down it helps to see what you were able to achieve you thought you would never achieve.

A smile always travels, and you made me smile a bit when I saw your video.

Thanks for sharing! :)


You'r very welcome. I'm glad you like the video. Smiling is also healthy. Thanks for watching. :)

True words, buddy


Thanks a lot.

Such a beautiful walk!
Thank you for this valuable video that reminds of gratitude and harmony!


You'r very welcome. ☺