You never know ! - Day 321 !

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You never know ... .

You never know what kind of content will be well upvoted by whales in steem blockchain.

You never know what the community wants from you.

You never know who will be your friend and who won't.

You never know what will happen tomorrow or later.

I've been on steem blockchain for almost a year and 9 months and I was always thinking about what to create to be well upvoted and even maybe get into the trending page. Sometimes even whales upvote me and I get happy of course. But not all those posts upvoted by them were expected to be upvoted. Sometimes I just create and never know if I'll be upvoted well or not.

Speaking about people. Sometimes your very close friend or relative, who is very kind with you and who you have a powerful relation with, becomes your worst enemy. Sometimes your worst enemy becomes your best friend. You never know what to expect from people sometimes.

Speaking about life. Life is really unpredictable. Some things in our lives happen sometimes without any expectation. We can't control everything for sure.

But, the thing we can do, is to keep trying. It's better to do at least something than do nothing. We always have the choice, but what can guarantee to us that the choice we make is the right one ?

What to do if we never know the future ? Are we really controling our lives ?

It's really interesting to live without knowing for sure what we'll get. Maybe the life is made like that to be intriguing ? But, what if there is a way we can be sure about the future and we are just haven't discovered that yet ?

Live is awesome, people are great.

I will be happy to see @bobaphet creating a video about such topic.

Thanks for watching, reading, commenting and knowing what you are doing. Are you ? lol

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We never know indeed! Good message man! Life is full of surprises and the blockchain the same. I like the part about you never know what content we are going to create tomorrow lol true!

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Yeah, it can be related to a lot of consequences. lol

Haha! I like it and don't like it here)).
I do not like that becauseit is impossible to calculate almost anything.
And I like the fact that we have to constantly be creative, think about how to improve our content and form of presentation.


yeah, just enjoying and having fun from our lives and being ready for everything. lol ☺


I agree))!


This will be my next talk about Wednesday 😎

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Cool, I will enjoy it for sure. ☺


Yeah, let's just enjoy it and have fun. ☺


Yeah, sometimes something simple, can be powerful. Just like my thoughts in this post. lol ☺


Ya , I understood that.. And it's life overall..



If we live, that we can use our willpower, emotions and mind to make our living great. Nearly always it´s good to have some goals and go for it.

What about you @clixmoney, what is your goals? Why are you here on Steemit? :-)


Because I believe that steem blockchain will have a very big future. That's why we are promoting it on twitter, you can join us there by using #steem tag. So will not just wait for steem to grow, but do something about it. Of course we never know what will happen for sure, but doing something is better than nothing. My goal in steem blockchain is to be a dolphin in this year and a whale in a few years. ☺

Yes this is true this is why I search content via topic rather than those I follow 💯🐒


yeah, that's an interesting way to look for a good content.


Means I see what I desire and what is good for me 💯🐒

Life can be very random, indeed. But the gold is always outside of the comfort zone and we always have to be reaching.

My recent post is just a picture / joke / meme to do with Steem Monsters and I hoped it would give people a laugh.
It's starting to do well, but I can only really upload, market and hope for the best.

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Yeah, hoping for the best is also important. Let's be positive about everything. ☺

Yaa I understand brother....100% agree your words