Having fun ! - Supporting @sergiomendes ! - Day 268 !

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Oh, having fun sometimes it's so important in our lives.

I think we just should have some fun sometimes.

Being too serious really can make us going crazy.

We don't have to be so serious, we are people and we need to relax sometimes.

Having fun can even heal us from depression and other issues.

I still remember when I just joined Dtube, I was watching @sergiomendes.

He knows how to have fun, he likes to share his life and I enjoy that.

At the same time he always promote steem blockchain and you can follow him on twitter here : https://twitter.com/thesassysergio

Having almost 10k tweets is really great.

Thanks @sergiomendes for always being you and sharing so much. ☺

Have fun from life guys, we live only once !

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The music used is from : www.purple-planet.com

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Yeah! I have also seen so many dtube video or blog of @sergiomendes, in which he always try to be active and happy , having long golden hair.
I agree with you having fun makes mind fresh and and give us energy to enjoy life.
Seriousness is the pessimist aspects of life.life is for enjoy not for mourning.
I appreciate your nice thinking and positive mindset. Thank you frnd @clixmoney

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You are welcome, yeah pessimism is not good at all. Let be always optimistic. ☺

agreed @sergiomendes has a fun channel. i been following him a while now. here and his social media. he has unique and interesting content. everyday about his life. recommended for more to see


Nice to know you are following him.

can u like my video?


It's doesnt work like this here on dtube, just create videos, comment others and don't ask people to like your videos.


okey okey sory

can u like my video?

I'll have to check out @sergiomendes blog. I agree having fun and relaxing is not just well..... fun....but it has actual health benefits. No question.

Thanks for your vlog post @clixmoney


I'm glad you agree. You'r welcome. ☺

I trying to have fun everyday :D

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Cool, glad to know. ☺

Funny music! Great video!!!


Thanks. ☺