This is why you have to get used to

in #dtube5 years ago is the main website for blogging, commenting and curating in steem blockchain. But a lot of dapps were created and they atract more and more steemians. Sometimes just using dapps can be enough for us.

I usually use steemit to do almost everything on steem blockchain, but it it happens when steemit is down and the only way to access my account is to use an other dapp. In this case I've found the best solution and it's is the best alternative for blogging. They even have a team of curators and they may upvote your content from That account is holding more than half million steem power and the full upvote of the account is more than $15 now.

Also the good thing about busy is that's working even if steemit is down.

They also have a cool interface with awesome options like following the interesting people on steem and showimng more details about your account in their main page.

The other thing related to @dtube is that, you can watch videos directly while reading a post and that's really great thing.

I hope this post and video is useful for you, thanks for reading and watching. ☺

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▶️ DTube

you are right @clixmoney has been so helpfull in many ways it even tells you the current price of steem and SBD

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Yeah, I forget to mention that. That's also useful. Thanks for the comment. ☺

Agreed with you, have a lot of shortcut tasks.

I agree about how you have a better blogging experience, and I would also say that Ulog.rog is in second place :)

Yeah, ulog is also good, they have a good traffic and @surpassinggoogle is doing his best to spread the idea to the world.

Today I was using busy when the steemit was down).

Cool, glad to know that. ☺

Yes. Busy is good :) there is a steempeak too and steeve. Steeve is interesting

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Cool, I will check them both. Thanks for letting me know. ☺

I mainly use It's been my main for a while because of it's interface, and native DTube video playing.

Glad to know about that.

you cannot access your funds from that site though can you? power down?

I think you can, they have the wallet there and it's possible to transfer and there is a button to power up and power down as well.

that's awesome thx for the info

You'r very welcome.

I recently checked out at the behest of @rishi556 loving it. Despite this post coming from Partiko, which is also another great alternative.
Checkout partiko here : iOS and Android apps available. eSteem is another goodie

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Yeah, most of those apps are good. Thanks for sharing.

I use Busy instead of Steemit everytime. A great App for sure.

Yeah, people seems loving it.

I stopped using steemit over a year ago, busy has some of the best feature(current prices, the ability to store tons of drafts etc) and stability. Not to mention their random and free upvotes

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Yeah, I'm just addicted to steemit, it willbe hard for me to move completely to busy, but I think I will forcemyself to do that lol

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