A video About @Actifit - Anyone can earn steem - Blocktrades contest !

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Today I had no idea about the topic of the video I wanted to record. But, when I get out from home to record, I've met girls riding horses and that was a suprise for me, bacause I live in the city. So, I decided to record a video about that and about the unpredictable content I share and about stuff happening in Russia.

While recording the video, I remembered that I've seen @dmilliz resteeming the post of @coruscate about @blocktrades & @steemonboarding contest.

So, the contest was to record a vide about well known application used by a lot of steemians @actifit. It's a useful application that motivates people to be active. It also creates a competition between users and people start to create cool challenges. So, it's a healthy application.

@actifit is also easy to install on any smartphone or tablet. It has both android and ios version.

The team have a discord server as well, where you can be in touch with them : https://discord.gg/aHtcA6r

It's really easy to use the app, you just need to entre your posting key and fill there some details about your body and that's it. It works automatically and it start to count any movements you make.

Ithink it will be good if we install it for all our relatives and friends. All they have to do is to post in the evening and they even can add there some pictures they made during the day. I mean that's it's not that necessary to understand everything about steem to use @actifit.

The fun part that we can even tie the phone on our pets and they can earn some steem as well. lol

I was thinking about those horses I've seen today. It will be good if they will hold a smartphone or a tablet and earn steem while moving arround. ☺

So, in fact anyone can use @actifit and earn some steem and that's awesome. ☺

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The fun part that we can even tie the phone on our pets and they can earn some steem as well. lol

Uhm, well @clixmoney, I have no intentions to turn you on a Steem Mogul too soon through @actifit or something like that. But since we are talking here about mischievous practices using pets and such. Perhaps an investment on this mining rig below may well worth a try. };)


I was just kidding. I also think it's bad to use pets in such practices.


Oh Come on! ¿You were kidding?

¡Wadda bummer! Now that I was about to propose you a partnership in the bizniz. :)

Damn, horses out in town. Pretty cool. JUst curious what City you live in ??


Rostov on Don, the Russian south, I even met steemians here when we had FIFA 2018. We have a stadium here for that called Rostov Arena : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rostov_Arena. The steemians I've met are @steemcafe and @cryptospa.

Hehehe you know I always wondered about that , people could put their phone on their pet and get their actifit count up ! If you put that on a horse you’d easily go 20k in a day 😬

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Yeah, that's cool and easy, we should tell to those who have horses to profit from that. lol

Great entry for an awesome app!
I have been having a lot of fun using Actifit.

Have an awesome day and steem on!

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Thanks a lot. ☺

Great and chilling video ! :)

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Thanks. :)

Thank you so much for the entry!! I almost missed this one because you didn't leave a comment on the post. 😅

Great entry and you should see a blocktrades vote coming through soon!!


Thanks a lot, I forget about the comment. I will also create a cool one about @steemhunt. Thanks for the upvote and for such awesome initiative. ☺

Good tutorial! Good said we walk and earn steem. I love @actifit!👍

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Thanks. I'm glad you love it. ☺