A lot of Russian snow and more than one year on Dtube !

in dtube •  25 days ago

I've spend an aweosme year on @dtube .

I even have a video was recorded about one year ago :

I realize after find it that I'm more than one year here. ☺

I had so much fun, I earned and learned so much.

My goal for 2019 is to became a dolphin and I will do my best to reach it.

I wish you all the best for the next 2019 year.

I hope it will be a bright year for steem blockchain and for all crypto world. ☺

As always, thanks for following me, upvoting, resteeming and commenting.

See you in my next videos. ☻

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Happy anniversary!!


Thanks. :)

Of course looking very snowy behind you. There are similarly (snowy) in your both video because you have recorded perhaps in a similar month.one thing is not similar in both video that is you are looking so gorgeous in present video rather than 1 years ago video.lol
I wish you to be a big whale not a dolphin in 2019.may this year bring a lot of happiness and success in your life.
thank you my friend @clixmoney


You are very welcome. Thanks a lot. ☺

Congratulations on one years. That's awesome.


Congratulations my friend on your 1 year anniversary. May 2019 exceed all your hopes and dreams.


Thanks a lot.I wish you an awesome 2019 year. :)

It's awesome to see all that snow! And congratulations on the one year. Cheers!


You are very welcome. I love snow. I wish you all the best for the next year. :)

Great work man. I always like your energy and iniciative in spite that your English is not the best as me.

Hope that we can continue doing content for @dtube and continue doing networking to continue carrying more people here in the steem blockchain !

Hope you the best my friend (drug) !

Davai 2019 !!!

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Thanks. :)

congrats for one year... let's hope for the best...


Yeah, let's be positive whatever happen. :)

Happy New year in Advance Bro

and Happy One year :D :D on DTube many more to go...

2018 was amazing and 2019 will be Wonderful :D

You will be dolphin no time bro enjoy the weather


Thanks a lot. I'm very close for being a dolphin, it's a great feeling, I wish you the same. :)


Thank you so much but i am learning how to swim yet will join the club later cheers 🤟🏻

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I wish you to become a Dolphin much faster than you expect!


I hope so, thanks for your wishes. ☺