You don't have to show your weakness ! - Day 300 !

in dtube •  13 days ago

I'm seeing more and more people showing their weakness on the web.

Some people show how much they are angry about something.

Others just share their lives with all the details.

But we have others who can profit from that, just like profiting from non protected accounts on the web.

For example accounts that use very weak password and hackers can hack that easialy.

So, we don't have to show even our psychological or material weakness.

We don't have to make trolls and abusers happy.

For example famous creators on youtube, don't care that much about nagative feedback they receive.

So, we have to learn from them and we have to know how to deal with such feedback in the future.

Most of us are small creators on dtube , but we will grow and we have to be ready for anything.

Those are my ideas and I hope it's clear.

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Thanks for the positive feedback as well. ☺

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A wonderful topic, it was very interesting to think about it.

Yes, we need to constantly improve what we can improve and develop. And do not expose our souls too much in social networks, because it's still not real life, and here you can see everything. And people are different, with different intentions.


Of course. It was a big mistake I learned hard from it.

Greetings, clixmoney

Really, me. At the same time, the time of the empery is the person about the fate of the fate of the fate of the fatal, the outreach of the psyche, the paternal psycopath of the esperanto begins with the information about the victim that leaves it vulnerable and in their eyes. I'm going to go to that. I suffered something very bad to tell people something personal to others. I could not imagine how bad the group of people on the other side were. Today, we will be pleased to welcome you to talk about personal matters.

Thank you and good evening!


You'r welcome, thanks for the comment. ☺

Right, something like that not to good show the social side.


Of course.

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Cool, thanks.

Great post, I like to read motivational pieces to start my day and share them with my friends.


Thanks a lot. ☺