My second participation in the great steem show ! - Day 292 !

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This is my second participation in the great steem show hosted by @pennsif and co-hosted by @teamhumble.

All those who participated in the show are :

@ned - the CEO of steemit.
@elipowell - the Managing Director of Steemit, Inc.
@carrieallen - part of the @Helpie witness team
@clixmoney - founder of @dcooperation - developer of @Partiko
@enginewitty - witness, leading member of The Alliance
@hauptmann - member of the organising team
@hr1 - expert in AI-enhanced curation and founder of Steeve app
@imacryptorick - leading member of the Israeli Steem community
@krnel - witness, developer of the KURE community platform
@paulag - witness
@shredz7 - developer of Stratos and it community facility
@starkerz - co-founder of Oracle-D and Promo-Steem
@taskmaster4450 - - tecnologist, futurist and leading steem blogger
@ura-soul - witness, developer of & creator of @steempassport
@whatsup - long-time steemian

We discussed the following topics : Communities, content creation, curation and retention .

I talked firstly about that you can call also a dtube fest created by @hauptmann. I think it will be an awesome meeting because a lot of steemians and dtubers will have the ability to attend it. Even @heimindanger the creator of @dtube will be there. Also the lovely steemian @surfermarly who is organizing a great contest ''60 Seconds of Steem" where even our community participated and you can watch our entry here :

I also talked about the importance of collaborations between steemians and why I'm building the community @dcooperation .

I mentioned also how youtube can help us in promoting steem blockchain and how many people can we in fact bring from there.

I'm very happy to participate in such show and I wish to participate in more and I think if you are building a project, an application or a community on steem blockchain, you just have to participate in such shows to be noticed.

Thanks for watching, reading, commentig, resteeming and being active in steem blockchain.

You are always welcome to join our community @dcooperation. ☺

Here is the link to our discord server :

If you want to delegate any amount of power, you can do it here :

If you want to send any donation, you are welcome to do that, all the donations will be used to power up our account to upvote our members.

Follow our team @cryptospa, @soufiani , @eugelys and @aidarojaswriter .

Thanks to our biggest delegators : @cryptospa , @freecrypto , @holgerwerner , @bobaphet , @starkemmy and @soufiani and all other delegators and supporters of @dcooperation community.

You can also vote for @igormuba as a witness here : . Contact him and he can host your videos on @dtube and they will be always on there. You can find him as igormuba#6942 on discord.

More witnesses I vote for are : @aggroed @steemcommunity @adsactly-witness @arcange @ausbitbank @blockbrothers @blocktrades @brandonfrye @curie @drakos @firepower @fulltimegeek @fyrst-witness @good-karma @gtg @helpie @jesta @justyy @krnel @mahdiyari @pharesim @roelandp @scottcbusiness @steemgigs @steemitboard @stoodkev @teamsteem @therealwolf @timcliff


Subscribe to my youtube channel here

Subscribe to the channel of our community DCooperation

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When people see others collaborating and communicating on steemit, it does inspire them to want to engage more. I know it's like that for me and I'm sure for a lot of other people. It's also great to hear that you've been promoting steemit on youtube as well. Doing that is one way of helping steemit grow. I hope you have a great day. Take care! :)


Thanks a lot. We sould all do our best to promote steem and all the apps built on it. Imagine if everyone will do that, how many people will join us and steem will go to the moon for sure. Thanks for the comment. ☺

This is lovely and a great concept to spread STEEM and DTube out there.

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You are right. I wish more such shows will be created. ☺

I will say the participants are full of prominent people on


Yeah, that was really cool to meet such people there. ☺

Was my first forum and a great experience. I have some ideas for some new communities and Steem promotion. I will try and put a post (jibcast) together and gather some interested 💯🐒


That's cool.