A Few Tips To Help Out The New Minnows

in dtube •  2 years ago 

Since I first started steemit just over two months ago I have had a huge passion to share this platform and the extra applications too as many people as i can in my social media world. So I thought I would also download this to dtube since like many I came here to get away from the censorship of youtube and all the heavy sponsored advertising that is actually making it hard for the little guy to be noticed.

I'm looking forward to the continual growth of what we have here and I hope you may even pass this on to someone else that is new and also have the mentality that, it does not matter how long you have been here on steemit even the new people can bring ideas and maybe help to make that learning curve a bit easier for more people to come and share genuine value. I hope there are enough people who see what we have here is very unique and powerful and in general my motto is we all climb when we lift others up.

Enjoy the video and the links below you will find quite useful too :)


This is an additional blog that explains Bandwidth very well by a lovely woman here @zen-art


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