Layers Of Reality (Creation) painting

in dtube •  15 days ago

This is one of the first large paintings that I finished (it was worked on from around 2010 through to 2017), which were immersed in working from the deep feminine consciousness; creating of reality from embodied awareness....

This short video is from a series of short films about my paintings, that I'll be sharing here on and associated platforms, as I move over from mainstream 'social' 'media'.

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Thank you so much for watching, and for your interest in my work! Loads of beautiful creative vibes to you today <3 Clare

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Thank you so much for including my work and sharing it, @art-venture <3 It means a lot! I'm new on Steemit, and very much appreciating the connection and understanding here - and the valuing of real art!! <3 prayer I.jpg

esta genial,buen trabajo :)


Excelente trabajo sigue así¡¡ :)