Minecraft how to build a simple dispenser fridge (Perfect for survival)

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Hello everyone again so a few days ago I was messing about on minecraft as according to statistics it’s making a huge comeback so big even huge streamers are now playing minecraft instead of the game that they are most known for playing. And during my playing time I build this simple fridge and feel it would be perfect for survival mode due to being simple and not material heavy except iron but iron isn’t that rare to find so it’s simple and looks nice.

YouTube link in case DTube issues

Thanks again 😀


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Wow, it shoots out cakes! Can you make one that shoots out burritos? 🤔🧐 I look forward to what you build next.

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You can choose whatever food you would like it to shoot out I’m not sure is burritos are in minecraft. Cakes are the best tho 🎂

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Minecraft is epic, my boys have created some incredible structures in it - they seem to like building incredible intricate houses the most - then my youngest decides to TNT them to oblivion!

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